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If you thought bathrooms are dull interiors with no major aesthetic potential, get ready to be respectfully contradicted. Stay tune for organic shapes, vivid colors, original storage solutions, lovely decorating items, state-of-the-art appliances, ripple faucets, miniature water fountains, rain showers and bubble baths. Our bathroom section below is packed full with incredible photos of interiors (sometimes having dazzling themes) that will play with your senses and challenge your idea of ultimate relaxation.

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Clever Bath Organiser

Sometimes I stay a lot of time in bath, but just to relax and think. I know that a lot of people like to spend time in bath, to forget about the everyday problems, take a deep breath, enjoy the warm water and finally relax. Today I’ve discovered a really interesting bath organiser that you […]

Toilet Seats Inspired by Guitars

These toilet seats might look like a joke, but there is no joke, they are real products, and you can actually buy one. I don’t know who want a toilet seat shaped like a guitar, but who knows maybe there are people who want to buy this product. And as a bonus this toliet seat […]

Shower Panels – Flymood

The Flymood shower panels by Albatros Idromassagi are the lates addition to the product range of this luxury bathroom product manufacturer. In its slim, yet strong body, FlyMood contains all the functions which make it a complete shower column. These beautiful panels come in either a corner or a wallmount version and boast features such […]

Ultra Modern Design – Ebb Bathroom

Ebb bathroom is a bathroom concept that can be tailored to fit almost any space.White and sleek the innovative combo units feature the most stunning combination of high-end ultra modern design and functionality we have seen in bathroom product design. Made out of LG HI-MACS, a natural acrylic stone material, these wondeful combo units feature […]

Bathroom Wave Shelving

Wave Shelving is a shelving unit for the bathroom designed by Tim Wigmore from New Zealand. This design is sleek and minimalist providing a beautiful experience. Here are a few words about Tim Wigmore design philosophy : My aim is to enthuse and involve people with engaging objects that elicit mental and physical interaction. My […]

Bathroom Sink Glows in Dark

Meltdown sink by Italy’s WET STUDIO is a sleek addition to any minimalist bath. The Meltdown sink is made of 100% recycable & light-weight polyethylene. A special “teflon” treatment to the tooling made it possible to obtain an important improvement to its superficial quality, gathering an almost shining effect with a dirt-free surface. The design […]

Modern Bathrooms : Kali’-art Bathtub

The WS Bath Collections Kali’-Art Bathtu is characterized by minimal curves and clean lines, wrapped in wood and leather with an acrylic interior. The modernist bathtub comes optionally with two marine plywood headrests that are more ideal as back supports. Kali’-Art Bathtubs are available in oak and wenge wood finish and offer a fine furnishings […]

Bathroom Mat – Drops of Water

If you are looking for a cute bathroom mat, today I’ve found one that I think is really cute. The Drops of Water bathroom mat is designed by Hella Jongerius and has a really interesting design, solidified ‘drops of water’, that is perfect for your bathroom. Made of soft PU, this anti-slip, easy to clean […]

Modern Bathroom by Baldini

If you are here for a piece of inspiration for a modern bathroom, then you are in the right place. Today I’ve found these awesome bathroom pictures, that I think are beathtaking, true luxury. The pieces from this pictures are Baldini Leuce collection and they are sold each year testify to the firm’s ability to […]

Miscea Sensor Activated Faucet – A New Generation Faucet

Miscea designed an innovative modern faucet that provides a new experience in design and functionality. Now the cool part of the Miscea Sensor Activated Facet is that you don’t have to touch it, just bring your hand next to the buttons . The touch free interface is both hygienic and convenient. Miscea Sensor Activated Facet […]

Red Sink and Shower Base

Disegno Ceramica an Italian company that is specialized in bath products. Each product line serves both as a functional creation and bathroom furnishings, designed to fit a variety of different budgets. Desegno Ceramica philosophy is to serve original products and create new forms. From their products what I like the most are these two, the […]

Bathroom Faucets with Cool Designs

Bathroom faucets are almost the same in every house, but if you would like to have something more special, you should take a look at these original designs, especially the last ones, the dragon shapen one and the dolphin are my favourites .Many of these products may not fit into most design concepts but they […]

Spiral Shower – Chiocciola

If you have a little more space in your bathroom you should check this interesting shower, designed by Benedini Associates for Agapedesign. The interesting part of this shower is the wall that surrounds the area where you take the shower.

Boat-Shaped Bathtub

The Boat-Shaped Bathtub also called Vascabarca is designed by Anne and Parick Poirier Antonio Lupi. This is a very unique design specially designed for those who want something interesting in their bathroom. Personally I would like to see this bathtub in the middle of a swimming pool. I’m sure that this would be a great. […]

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