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If you thought bathrooms are dull interiors with no major aesthetic potential, get ready to be respectfully contradicted. Stay tune for organic shapes, vivid colors, original storage solutions, lovely decorating items, state-of-the-art appliances, ripple faucets, miniature water fountains, rain showers and bubble baths. Our bathroom section below is packed full with incredible photos of interiors (sometimes having dazzling themes) that will play with your senses and challenge your idea of ultimate relaxation.

LED Faucet Hansacanyon

You might remember the Cheap Color Changing Faucet… that I’ve presented some time ago. Today I’ve found another interesting LED faucet from Hansacanyon. A modern faucet, for a modern home. This faucet has an open channel at the top, a canyon if you will, adds a bit of modern flair to an already modern idea. The water is lit by

Funny Shower Curtain

If you have a lot of guests, or friends that come to your home, you can try to scare them a little with Mother Psycho Shower Curtain. Just go behind the curtain and take a shower, and ask someone to come and bring you a towel, and have fun. – Price : ( $24.89 ) – Via – NerdApproved

Small Steps Bath Mat

What do you think about this bath mat ? A crazy idea, or something original ? I like it because from my perspective it looks quite funny, but not to practical if you are in hurry. This bath mat tries to help you move with little steps to the washbasin, or somewhere else after you take a shower or a…

Marrakesh Bathroom Design

Dare to be different. This is the message behind these bathroom products. These beautiful decorated faucets and lavatory basins with stunning patterns, colors and textures, are decorated with a special technique that creates raised ruby-like flowers and 24k gold tendrils make me feel like a king.
Named for the ancient capital of Morocco and home to The Blue Mosque, Marrakesh…

Metro 2 Bathtub and Furniture

Another great example starting from an older post ( The Bathtub Becomes Furniture… ) to confirm the trend that furniture is more and more present in bathrooms. I like this bathtub that come with shelves / storage space built in, because the shelves are smart placed into that bathtub, saving space, and offering a beautiful view.
Metro tubs are fully

Gas Mask Shower

This time designer Chris Dimino’s… made something really strange, and unusual, and I’m sure that his creation will attract some attention. As you can see from this picture Chris Dimino’s decided to change the old shower with this new strange guy in a gas mask coming out of the wall. I’m sure that this is a project for his portfolio

Jacuzzi Morphosis Luxury Bathtubs

Jacuzzi®… proposes a unique bathroom design. Morphosis luxury sanitary ware features soft and cosy shapes designed to envelop the body in relaxing harmony. Fluid shapes that embrace the body and mind. A perfectly harmonic blend of creativity and the most advanced technology. A Jacuzzi® bathtub that is as cosy as a mother’s lap, as evocative as a luminous sculpture, full

Bench Toilet by Julien

As I’ve told you last week a new trend is rising in furniture industry, remember the post “A New Trend – The Bathtub Becomes Furniture”. This post is another proof that this trend is rising. Californian remodeling firm Julien asked Troy Adams Design… to come up with a secret loo that doubles as a “Powder Room Bench.” Slide

Talking Toilet Paper Holder

Talking Toilet Paper Holder is nice bathroom gadget that can amuse your friends and your family, also comes in very handy to remind you and other about hygiene. Just record your very own voice message that’s heard whenever anyone unrolls some toilet paper ! This little talking toilet paper holder can make your bathroom unforgetable. The price for this little…

FOLLO Bathroom Washsystem by Will MacCormac

This sink from Follo by Will MacCormac has an interesting sleek design, and it will be officially launched at the London Design Festival in September. The Follo… washsystem is a thermoformed “solidsurface” and carbon fiber structure that self-drains and conceals unsightly pipes. Designer Will MacCormac configured it to be either mounted to the wall or used as a counter top.

Corner Hot Tub for 3

The best thing at this tub is the space, the 3-person spa takes just half the space of square tubs. So if you want to save some space, this this corner unit from Keys might be an option. If you want to buy a spa, but don’t know to much about how to buy a spa here is something that

A New Trend – The Bathtub Becomes Furniture

I’ve found an interesting article on Veerle’s blog…, where she spotted a new trend in bathroom design. If you are an interior design fan I’m sure you’re aware that designers spend more time for bath products, and not just for furniture. In this article Veerle has gathered a beautiful collection with a lot of amazing bathtubs. You can see

Glass Shelf & Towel Bar

I’ve found this Sine Glass Shelf/ Towel Bar by Motiv today on Apartmenttherapy, and I think this glass shelf with a towel bar is something that can save some space in any bathroom, and it looks very nice. The Shelf Glass can be purchased from Motiv with $193.00.

Artquitect – Bathroom Furniture

This is something really beautiful.This is one of the most stylized bathroom pieces I’ve ever saw, and I really like it.Found on HayonStudio….
The celebration of the bathroom as a piece of furniture. This bathroom shouts to be admired. Stylized, yet almost alive with shapes that combine the organic with minimal and colors that had never before seen in

Sensor Soap Pump

Every day more and more technology is coming in our lifes.Today I was to present you the Simplehuman Sensor Soap Pump, a little bathroom accesory that dispenses soap when you wave your hand under the sensor.Interesting idea, and quite useful because you don’t have to keep a soap on your sink. This idea is very useful when you wash your

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