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Tony is the Associate Editor of, an affordable housing and smart urban planning advocacy website and works as the Communications and Program Coordinator for RACAIA Architects in Los Angeles.

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Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay

The studios Grant Associates and Gustafson Porter… won an international competition to design a landscape garden space for the Singapore government and came up with this wild and fantastic space.  Covering 101 hectares of land and encompassing a park, the waterscape and a marina, Gardens By The Bay consistent of completely pre-designed and absolutely original vertical gardens and supermassive tree-structures

Chairnificine: A Sinister Seat Indeed

The charmingly morbid Chairnificine, a concept developed by the Brazilian designer Gustavo Brenck…, is as hilarious as it is dark.  Lazer-cut steel was bent and warped to develop this charming concept which looks like a perfectly comfortable chair if you can get past the subtle shape of a murdered person (not sure if you caught that, just want to

Step into the Future with the Sectionimal Table

Developed and designed by the digital design and fabrication studio gt_2P…, the Sectionimal table is a fantastically nebulous but cleanly modern design that strikes you as something that would fit perfectly into an ultramodern cyberprep space design.  Part of a furniture series whose designs are developed using a computer program, the Sectionimal table is an interesting concept in that

Light-As-Air Linger Bench

Designer Alvin Tjitrowirjo’s… appropriately named Linger Bench provides a fantastic concept for a casual sit, maybe a casual conversation.  Meant to infuse comfortably into natural surroundings, each bench is handmade and hand-bent into its shape.  Although this isnt’ the first time this type of material and style’s been utilized to develop furniture, the Linger Bench is interestingly shaped and compact

Reclaiming Giant Air Pipes: The T. Bailey Offices

Developed by Tom Kundig at the Seattle Office Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects…, the T. Bailey Offices were designed to wholly incorporate the client’s product into its office space; and that product is a gigantic pipe used in wind turbine towers.  In fact, several were used through the 11,700 square foot space, where visitors walk in through the building

Supernatural Concepts for a Rocking Chair and Bar Stool

The designers at Supernatural Studios… have developed these sleek and original designs for what could’ve been a simple bar stool and rocking chair concept.  Completely ignoring the conventions of grandma’s rickety wooden rocker, the rocking chair seems more like something you’d expect to see in a minimalist’s or futurist’s living room: low to the ground, amoprhic design, almost pod-like.  Likewise,

The Very Weighty Tables of Daniel Meise

Daniel Miese…, an Austrialian designer with an interesting focus on heavy, study materials, developed three strong and in some ways forceful table designs called Bone, Bridge and Together, respectively.  First, the Bone table is a interestingly angled low-sitting piece that would be perfect for an urban retrofit loft (especially one with expose concrete and brick elements).  The hollow Bridge

A Light Weight Design: The Primitive Series

Turin Design studio Nucleo… have developed the appropriately-named “Primitive Series” of furniture which pretty clearly looks like weightless white granite. Although made from cardboard or foam and actually covered with resin to give it the style and stone-like quality, the materials allow the heavy-looking furniture and light fixtures to appear boxy, heavy, ancient and almost cubist.  If (from first glance)

Undulating with Light: The Carbon 451 Lamp

More than simply a light fixture, New York designer Mark Tremonto…’s ribbon-like Carbon 451 Lamp is the centerpiece for an interior space that really needs a cool focal point.  Designed from carbon fiber, the same reinforced plastic that manufacturers use to create car doors and reinforce helicopter tails, the Carbon 451 Lamp almost seems more like a chandelier: cleanly

Dominate the World from The Volcano House

In the dusty desert lands of Southern California, two hours east from the city of Los Angeles, lies the Volcano House: a concrete modernist masterpiece that sits on top of a small volcanic peak.  Truss beams and heavily-laid concrete formed the desert dome, which radiates a sort of tongue-in-cheek brutalism that screams 1960s American modernism both inside and out.  For…

Manifold: One Metal Sheet of Table

Clearly not intimidated by a design challenge, British table mathematician, designer and artist Anthony Leyland… has developed these creative tables sliced, bent, shaped and reworked from a single 1-square meter sheet of steel.  Powder-coated for color, Manifold (the title of this line) originally began as a mathematical game to try and try and develop a simple coffee table from a

An Architect’s Island Home: The Clingstone House

In 1961, the Boston Architect Henry Wood… purchased this amazing island mansion with his wife for only $3,600 on Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay. Today, the Clingstone House (designed by J.S. Lovering Wharton with artist William Trost Richards) is a warm all-wood home with a 360-degree view of the ocean. Three stories tall, the Clingstone House has a large center hall,

From Wing to Table: The Aileron Credenza

From the recycled powder-coated C-119 Aileron (the hinged control surfaces of a wing) from a recycled airplane, this elegant credenza is just as striking as it is sustainable. Once used to control the degree of lift and movement on an aircraft, this desk reflects the sleek and refined design of the efficient aileron and the traditional mechanical focus of work…

The Geometric Home on a Golf Course: Zafra-Uceda

Designed by Eduardo Arroyo of the Spanish studio NO.MAD Arquitectos and photographed by the architectural photographer Roland Halbe…, Zafra-Uceda is a two-story polygonal anthem of modern metal architecture.  Literally designed on top of a golf course, the wire-mesh façade was designed both as an intricate artistic accent as well as a very practical shield against stray golf balls.  But

Neat Biodegradable VerTerra Plates

Fused from the remnants of gathered leaves, VerTerra…’s biodegradable plates are natural in several design senses.  First they are made of natural materials, as the leaves are pressure washed, sanitized in UV light, and then pressed into their forms without using additives.  Second, though they’re microwave safe, they will completely break down into (essentially) soil after 2 months if

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