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iPad Turned into a 1980’s TV: Crazy or Practical ?

Apparently the new iPad from Apple inspires more unusual ideas than the producers have hoped. Creative Director Jonas Damon… from Frog Design Studio in New York came up with an interesting way of displaying the iPad:  a retro TV whose design belongs to the 1980′s. We don’t know about you guys, but we consider that the iPad needs a support

Innovative Compact Office Stool and Paper Disposal

Here is an innovative solution for those times when you feel like cleaning your desk, but this is just too far away from your reach and so the work table remains untidy for days in a row. Created by Aissalogerot…, this interesting office tool and paper waste basket combo makes cleaning your office fun. The process couldn’t be easier,

Fascinating Beachside Residence in Australia

Here is a beachside residence with a fascinating architecture from Studio101 Architects…. Located in Point Lonsdale, Australia, this beautiful home was especially designed for a young family and makes the most of its coastal surroundings, offering the owners amazing living conditions. Here is more information regarding the project’s structure from the architects: “The rectilinear nature of the site and

Versatile Folding Table also Functional When Stored

We couldn’t help noticing the growing need for multi-functional designs in the recent years. Since living space is getting smaller and smaller, clutter is the last thing we need. This versatile folding table was created by Endrit Hajno… and comes with a double function. When not in use, it can can be easily folded and stored… on the wall. This

Infernal Furniture from Michel Haillard: Atrociously Appealing?

Here is a collection of furniture that is sure to raise controversy. This infernal set from Michel Haillard …is said to be inspired by the the passion for hunting and features a variety of items, from home desks to chairs, armchairs and sofas. This is a type of uncommon collection that produces mixed interpretations and stirs a large variety of

Retro Atari Wall Decals for the Nostalgic Gamers

Here is a fun wall decorating idea for those of you who are nostalgic about retro gaming. Atari Wall Decals are an alternative to wallpapers. They are fun wall stickers made from vinyl which can be easily applied on any of the walls in a gamer’s crib and we also believe they would fit nicely on the ceiling. These amazing…

Set Up Your Own Cube&Dot Pattern for a Charming Bathroom

Designed by Tamer Nakıscı, this inspiring Cube and Dot collection… can turn a common bathroom interior into a fun and cheerful environment. These modular ceramic systems featuring white, gray or black tiles look great and are very adaptable to any type of bathroom furniture with a simple color palette. And as an extra bonus, this set also features an

Ghost Chair, a Fun, Inconspicuous Seating Design

The unusual Ghost Chair comes from ValentinaGW… and is a creative, surprising seating item to have around. Resembling an invisibility cloak, its design is quite impressive and fit for a contemporary interior with an attitude. For a chair that is just visible, it looks quite comfortable and we are certain that its uncommon looks will make it the focal point

Creative Seating from Scott Morrison : Rocker Cradle Chair

Rocker Cradle comes from designer Scott Morrison… and is a crazy seating item that unites the concepts of a rocking chair with that of a cradle. After all, why should small children be the only ones to benefit from the fun of swinging? Here is an uncommon solution that allows the grown-up to have a little fun also while putting

Decorative Wall Panels With A Strong Visual Effect

Here is a lovely alternative to wallpapers from Muraspec…. These aesthetic and functional sculptured panels have the ability to turn a common interior into a room with an impact. Said to be achieved by sculpting three-dimensional patterns on regular panels, these stylish additions come with fixing kits from the producer and can be easily mounted on the wall. Great

An Artists Crib : Inviting Summer Home in Sweden

Casa Barone was designed by Widjedal Racki Bergerhoff Architects… and is a makeover of an old summer house located in Ingarö-Evlinge, Sweden. The major objective when rebuilding this place was to create outdoor areas for leisure and entertainment. With this in mind, the architects decided to place the main structure to the north, leaving the rest of the site unexploited:”The

Door Designs With Punchy Colors and Fun Graphics

Here is a set of colorful door designs as featured in the Sensunels door collection from Dibi Group…. Designed by Karim Rashid, the doors manage to create an amazing interior effect, hard to match but easy to complement by the furniture arrangements inside. Some of the models (such as the “Check door” below) are great for the kids’ rooms,

Classic Eames Chair Reinvented and Diversified by Vitra

We’ve presented a few versions of the classic Eames chair on Freshome, but here is one that is said to “add comfort to culture” from Vitra…. Originally made from fiberglass in 1950 by Charles and Ray Eames, this famous chair “suffered” a series of upgrades throughout the years. This new version is fully upholstered which makes the chair both

Space Maximization in Japan: OH House by Atelier Tekuto

The OH House gets its name from the family that will inhabit this unusual, but fascinating looking residence. Designed by Atelier Tekuto… (Yasuhiro Yamashita) from Japan, this home is 1,5 meters lower than the road in front and was constructed on unleveled terrain. Even though its exterior seems to state that this home isn’t all that roomy, the architects beg

IKEA Cats Or How To Allow 100 Felines Test Your Furniture

After the stunt IKEA pulled in Paris…, by allowing subway passengers to freely test their furniture, it is now time for a different type of testing. IKEA UK recently let loose 100 cats in their Wembley store overnight  “just to see what happens”. In the video below you can see the crazy felines jump on the furniture, play with

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