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Ada Teicu is a Journalism/ English graduate and has a Master`s degree in Mass-media and Public Relations. Specializing in writing about design, architecture, furniture and adjacent design fields, Ada acknowledges the need for a world filled with creativity, comfort and beauty and considers Freshome as the best place for her knowledge and experience to come together. Find more about Adriana on our about us page.

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Personal Minimalist Luxury Showcased by Sascha Akkermann’s Houseboat

How can you live comfortably in a high density population area that benefits from the existence of large expanses of water? What might look like a challenge now is only a short way from becoming a creatively-driven solution for living in crowded areas. Master carpenter and freelance designer Sascha Akkermann and interior designer Flo Florian of Confused-Direction Design… imagined a

Rest Your Head on the Cannabis-Printed Giant Stash Pillowcase

Crowdfunding projects allow creative minds to turn ideas into businesses, but it all depends on the interest shown by the public. Spotted on Kickstarter…, this intriguing decorative object might put a smile on your face, as the designer hopes. Bordering on bizarre, the Giant Stash Pillowcase is a simulated sack of Sour Diesel cannabis that covers your pillows and

Modern Portal to a World of Indulgence: El Portal in Palm Springs

Looking to be transported into a universe of relaxation this year? Dreaming about lounging by the pool under tall palm trees filtering the breeze through their leaves? Then you must be thinking about a retreat in Palm Springs, California. El Portal… rises two stories in the desert air, parading its pure white volumetric shape at the base of the San

30 Creative Home Office Ideas: Working from Home in Style

Working from home has become more than a trend. Hard-working people the world over try to find the best way to accommodate a creative and inspiring working environment in their homes and we’ve gathered 30 splendid home offices that vibrate on a feminine level to get you started with that inspiration board.

Let stylish details steal the show
Home offices

Cheery London Apartment Encouraging a Modern Lifestyle

An apartment in London was transformed by Andy Martin Architects… (AMA) into a cozy urban retreat for a family of four: Warren and Claire Johnson – two respected UK-based PR people – and their two young sons. Overlooking London’s most beautiful garden squares, this apartment on the ground floor of a grade I listed mansion has become an oasis of

Scandinavian-Inspired Apartment Perfect for Starting a Family

Always trying to exceed customer expectations, Gothenburg-based interior design studio Mood House Ltd…. works on the projects they accept with passion and attention to details. Take as example this apartment in Gustavsberg, a cozy interior sprinkled with colors, perfect for a family with children. Photographed by Johan Spinel, this chic 3 bedroom apartment is located in the “Porcelain neighborhood”

Unexpectedly Sophisticated Master Suite Design by Gisele Taranto Architecture

Entering the Casa Cor Rio 2013 competition with a sophisticated project, Gisele Taranto Architecture… proved that attention to details, light and carefully chosen furniture pieces can create an inspiring design worth sharing with the world. Occupying the second floor of a two story penthouse apartment, this elegant master suite known as Casa Cor was designed in collaboration with art curator

Clever Redesign of a Taipei Apartment: Pad 67 by Dillon Chen

Occupying 2,200 square feet of an apartment building in Taipei, Taiwan, Pad 67 is a contemporary crib adapted for a modern urban lifestyle. Under the attentive supervision of Dillon Chen of D|C Interior Design…, this former five small bedroom apartment was transformed into a spacious two bedroom (and a guest room) home. Within an open floor plan, the living

50 Unique Homes Boasting Awe-Inspiring Panoramas

Site-specific architecture has blessed home owners with the thrill of enjoying wonderful views of their surroundings while living comfortably in modern dream homes. A home without a view relies on its own interior design to compose a cozy living space, but those residences boasting fabulous panoramas surprise the essence of modern living.

City Lights or Soothing Natural Landscapes?
Whether exposing

40 Stunning Bedrooms Flaunting Decorative Canopy Beds

Back in the days, wealthy people would add their luxuriously carved canopy beds to the will, leaving their beloved dreamland to be enjoyed and admired by future generations. Now, we get to enjoy past examples and contribute our own designs to the history of this fascinating bed.
Wealthy or not, we all dream
First built as a functional furniture item,…

31 Inspiring Mezzanines to Uplift Your Spirit and Increase Square Footage

Best displayed under soaring ceilings, mezzanines are versatile, functional spaces that help better lit up and ventilate a home and extend visual reach, creating inviting social spaces. This intermediate floor can help add a certain vibe to the space, illuminating it or defining a new purpose for a different portion of the same space.
Small rooms can be adorned with

Balancing Architecture And Family Life With Life of An Architect’s Bob Borson

Texas-based Bob Borson of Life of an architect… gives the impression of being an architect of dreams, sprinkled with solution-finding features and topped off with humorous statements that simply make you think twice about all the harsh things said about this profession. There is no way you will not become a fan of his style – his insight into the

Intelligent Shading System Unfurled On Abu Dhabi’s Al Bahar Towers

Abu Dhabi’s new inspiring architectural design might lead to even further research into the world of transforming interior and exterior environments with ingenious creativity. Al Bahar Towers housing the Abu Dhabi Investment Council Headquarters are now part of Aedas Architects…‘ portfolio, rising tall to shape a new era in modern office building design. Inspired by a traditional Islamic lattice

Stylish Home Ambiance Mixed Up With Resort-Style Living

Winning the Show Unit during the 2011 Malaysian Interior Design Awards for the Residential category, the interior open air concept of the 6 Western Avenue in Penang, Malaysia, combines a comfortable home ambiance with luxurious resort-style living. Designed by Blu Water Studio…, this sculptural collection of spaces depict an out-of-the-ordinary elegance. Described by its creators, the stunning interiors sound

Contemporary Brick Cube Kibuts House For Father And Son

A small family of two – father and son – are happy to call the modern Kibuts House their home. Living in this modern home in Israel’s Lehavot Haviva kibbutz, is like continuously taking advantage of contemporary design that inspires their daily routine. Occupying 190 square meters on a 430 square meter property, the modern residence is part of the

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