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Extreme Minimalism : Slybox by Keiji Ashizawa

Minimalism is a trend in design where a substance is reduced to only the necessary elements. Now these wooden drawers are “extreme” minimalism because they are supported only by a light metal frame. Called Slybox and designed by Tokyo designer Keiji Ashizawa, this piece of storage has five draws of decreasing size. Each has grooves in the sides, which slot…

Move-It DIY Portable Trolley That Makes Shopping Easier

I have to admit that when I’ve saw this idea developed by David Graham as part of an Industrial Design Engineering project I’ve totally fall in love. This simple idea can help you get a heavy box across town without using a delivery truck, car or taxi. This idea is called Move-it and it’s a cleverly designed kit, made of

Interesting Magazine Rack : Paperchase by Nathan Young

Personally I don’t buy printed magazines to often, but for those of you who still do that Singapore based designer, Nathan Young… designed a home decorative item that promises to hold your magazines in style and keep them in an organized manner. What do you think …is his work useful ? Nathan Yong and will be dished out at SaloneSatellite.

IKEA Assembly Service Ads by Grabarz & Partner

IKEA furniture is well known for its modern, innovative furniture design. Is that true of their advertising as well? The IKEA Assembly Service ads bring to light a much-needed and underused support system. Cleverly depicting the plea for help from customers, the IKEA Assembly Service campaign is the brainchild of German advertising agency Grabarz & Partner. What do you think…

New Modular Show House by A-cero in Coruña

Today we are presenting to you the second modular show house designed by A-cero…. It takes place in Ferrol (La Coruña) and it is available for visits. In this occasion A-cero has chosen a different façade from the Madrid show house. In that way people can see different options that A-cero offers with these modular houses. This time A-cero

Pay & Site Private Park Bench by Fabian Brunsing

Designer Fabian Brunsing… has created a new type of park bench called PAY & SIT Private Park Bench. As you will see in the video below, the Pay & Sit park bench features built in spikes, when you insert a half a Euro coin, the spikes retract and you are able to sit on the bench. An alarm goes off

ALMA Vases Collection by A-cero Architecture Studio

ALMA is the new vases collection designed by the A-cero Architecture Studio…´s director Joaquin Torres and his partner Rafael Llamazares, for Vondom Furniture Company. They were inspirited in nature in order to design this original and innovative set. The stylized forms of ALMA seem plant stems that climb from the ground working as flowers and sheets stands. With ALMA,

Leather Soccer Armchair by Paolo Lillus for all World Cup Fans

This month is World Cup 2010 madness. A lot of people, especially from Europe are hooked on TV’s to see the fotball matches and support their favorite team. With this ocasion I wanted to get some attention from the fotball fans and post something related to fotball, but also related to this website theme. This patterned as a soccer ball…

Three Great Print Ads That Use Famous Buildings

I know that here on Freshome we focus mostly on interior design, furniture and architecture, but from time to time I find some stuff that are really cool and I just want to post them. One of these things that I’ve found today and is a little bit related to what I usually post here on Freshome is this print…

2010 New Wallcovering Collections from Graham & Brown

We are pleased to present new and exciting collections from wallcovering design company, Graham & Brown…, which recently launched at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York last month. For 2010, Graham & Brown unveiled new designs from renowned designers Kelly Hoppen and Amy Butler. Graham & Brown, the UK based innovator and manufacturer continues to push

Beautiful House Integrated in the Natural Environment of the Residential Area

The initial idea of this project is to integrate the house in the natural environment of the residential area in which it is. In that way, the house looks to the fantastic views of lakes and green extensions that spread over the common areas of the estate. The structure’s house is based on game of two rectangular volumes. They are…

Beautiful Transparent Glass Coffee Table by Pierre Lescop

Coffee tables come in a wide variety of shapes, textures, quality, colors, and designs. There is a coffee table out there that could fit in just about every scenario for your home and in just about every single room. These tables are so practical and add so much to the décor and style of your room that it is almost…

Zip-Up Chair by Kim In-bo

The Zip-Up Chair is a cool piece of furniture designed by Kim In-bo. This chair was intended for small apartments that demand functional furniture, but I can also see it in a mansion. I’m pretty sure that a lot of people will call this idea as stupid or kitch but I see it as fun. Zip open, turn down a…

The Vuzzle Chair by Christopher Daniel

The Vuzzle Chair by Christopher Daniel is made of 59 cushion cells that can be arranged according to ones moods. Inspired by the Voronoi diagram, each cushion has a neodymium magnet that can remove them and put them together easily to create a chair. You remove 13 cushions and the cube turns into chair to sit on. Each cushion has…

Small Wooden Storage Unit : Chin Up by Lisa Sandall

United Kingdom based furniture and product designer Lisa Sandall… has created a number of wonderful furniture pieces in the last year. Her piece ‘Chin Up’ is a small wooden storage unit that will make you look twice because Lisa likes playing around with balance. It is fully free-standing, but appears to be on a lean. This is a great example

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