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Boomerang Desk : An Office Made of Plastic

In 1969, the renowned French sculptor Maurice Calka issued something different: the Boomerang desk. A sexy molded fiberglass and plastic desk. The original moulded fiberglass desk has been produced in a limited edition of 35 pieces, initially manufactured by Leleu-Deshays. french president georges pompidou (1911-1974) was the owner of a white version in the elysée palace. In respect of his…

CMYK Low Ink Alert Pillows by Thomas Dabner

For graphic designer and photographers who dread the printer “low ink” warnings, these Thomas Dabner CMYK pillows may make a humorous gift. A cotton pillow cover designed specifically for those designers out there who share his frustration with low running ink and you know you have no new cartridges left. Check out the cool pillows that I bet your graphic…

“Redesigning” the Bear Skin Rug by Lise Lefebvre

As their Arctic habitat continues to collapse, polar bear hunting isn’t exactly a sport that’s on the up and up. Animal themed decor, however, continues to be a hot trend in the interior design community. So, how do you get your hands on a bear skin rug without contributing to the extinction of bear populations? French designer Lise Lefebvre has…

Etirement Lamp by Rémi Bouhaniche

Desgined by Rémi Bouhaniche…, a French design graduate, “Etirement” is a lamp that is dimmed by distorting its surface. It features a translucent membrane stretched over a steel frame which. All you need to do is pull the rod which you see in the center in order to adjust the level of intensity. The level of the light’s intensity

New Shelf System : Konnex by Florian Gross

Konnex… is a new shelf system by German designer Florian Gross. It is super versatile and can be put together in several ways. It has a contemporary appearance and would fit in most places. The shelf system is a basic cube set, which can be assembled according to the need of the house. It can also be moved into a

Breathe New Life to Your Space with Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are a great way to dress up any interior decorating and design project. The nice thing about them is they can easily be removed and placed elsewhere in a room. Here are a few wall stickers ideas from Sticasa…, unique and stylish wall stickers are great substitutions for wall-paper, pictures, and posters and can breathe new life

Folding Dining Table Folds into a Mirror

The Folding Dining Table from Italian company Porada… is a really interesting piece of furniture. This piece of furniture can be used as a mirror and ganged on the wall when folded, and it can also be used as a neat folding table especially when your dining space is limited. Don’t know how many of you would have the time

Cattelan Italia Globe Glass Coffee Table

If you want to make your living room an amazing place, then take a look at the “Cattelan italia globe glass coffee table“, this is style in its purest form. This Globe glass coffee table has an awesome structure ( shiny steel sphere support ) making your living room the center of attention. This beautiful piece of contemporary furniture is…

Cardboard Furniture Can Look Good, Here is the Proof

The Internationally acclaimed award-winning furniture designer Reinhard Dienes, is debuting an exclusive line of cardboard furniture with Fashion4Home…. The furniture pieces are lightweight, sturdy and 100% recyclable as well as playful. The extraordinary design completes the overall picture and makes it an optical highlight to every room. Whether the Bookshelf and the sideboard is available in various colors to

Inspired by the Fine Lightness of Textile : Wave Coffee Table

Last month we presented the SWING CHAIR by Angelo Tomaiuolo…, and today here is the Wave Coffee Table ..the perfect piece of furniture to match that chair, a cool and delicate small table thought for modern house living areas. Designed by the same designer Wave is a sensorial coffee table, inspired by the fine lightness of textile works and

3D Painting that Creates an Amazing Optical Illusion Effect

Patrick Hughes has been astonishing art lovers worldwide for decades with his unique illusionary style. If you’re into optical illusions, this painting by Patrick Hughes is a doozy. Most of two-dimensional painting in central perspective are designed to be viewed pretty much head on.

Anamorphic art can make a two-dimensional surface appear to be three-dimensional and like a hologram, appear

Infinity Bath : Combining High Design with Technology

Designer Aleksander Mukomelov… has created the elegant and innovative ‘Infinity’ bath, combining high design with technology to create a complete sensory experience for the user. Technology and materials used in the design of Infinity allowed to leave it to the next level and become the next stage in the evolution of leisure and pleasure. Fullness sensation is achieved by means

Good News For Designers and Architects Everywhere! Warren Buffett Says Housing Market Will Be Back On Track by 2011

You’ve probably heard of Warren Buffett and know him as president Obama’s billionaire oracle. He is also famous for his investment plans, as they all turn out to be very successful in time. For all of you designers and architects out there, here is a good news for the day. According to Buffett, “within a year or so, residential housing…

Mind-Blowing : The Future of Architectural Visualization

Traditional 3D visualization tools are limited to 2D display technology (computer monitors for instance). Zebra’s holographic images are unlike anything you have ever seen. The image literally “floats” in the air. You will be tempted to reach into the image with the expectation that you will touch the object being presented. You can move around the image to view it…

Functionally Designed Piano Table by Georg Bohle

If you want a piano in your home, but until now space was a problem the piano table by Georg Bohle… solves all these problems. Created from oak wood, it is functionally designed to serve both as dining table and as an electric piano. The piano table is a dining table or work space with a built-in electric keyboard made

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