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In the architecture category you can see : modern houses with a ”wow”-effect, exterior and interior inspiration, landscaping ideas, astonishing buildings from all around the globe and focus on sustainability-these are just a few of the highlights in this category. Learn how to maximize the potential of each room in your home by simply viewing incredible works of world-renowned designers and architects, gathered into a single place. Expect only the best in color composition, use of materials and human ingenuity!

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Contemporary Ranch Style Residence Inspiring a State of Well-Being

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There are quite a few design tricks out there that can transform a house into a home. This ranch style residence by Stephen Moser Architect achieves the ultimate goal with elegance. Believe it or not, this Mamaroneck dwelling on the western edge of Saxon Woods Park in New York, USA was inspired by a treehouse […]

Stunning Estate Design Customized to Perfection by Mary Anne Smiley

  • Strait lane Estates by Marry Anne Smiley Interiors (1)
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A stunning estate design was exceptionally put into play by one of the top designers in Dallas, Mary Anne Smiley, and caught our attention with a collection of striking details. Colorful and expansive, the Strait Lane Estates was re-designed to suit a modern lifestyle where entertaining and relaxing go hand in hand. All spaces were imagined as if part […]

Modern Fusion of Lighting Design and Architecture: Villa Noord-Brabant

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DPL Europe sent us photos and information regarding Villa Noord-Brabant, a modern residential project representing the ultimate fusion of lighting design and architecture, two disciplines which when in perfect harmony, complement and strengthen each other. Every aspect of the lighting design is carefully planned to emphasize the unique architectural style of this building. The deliberate […]

Ravishing Collection of Living Spaces Exemplifying An Eclectic Residence Design

  • Eclectic Residence by Refined (1)
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Custom home building and remodeling company Refined imagined a home where natural light meets modern design lines in a successful effort to offer its inhabitants the best customized design. Seen as an elegant background for daily life, the collection of carefully designed spaces feature furniture items you might recognize and lines that accentuate the welcoming nature of […]

Modern Private Residence Defined by Light, Tranquility and Reflection

  • 4 Views by AR Design Studio (1)
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  • 4 Views by AR Design Studio (4)

A modern private residence stands out among neighbors with enticing design lines that hint towards an upgraded comfort and relaxation level. Occupying an urban plot in Winchester, England, this new family home showcases its part dark grey brick, part cedar-cladded skin with refreshing nonchalance, hiding an inspiring inner world behind its carefully manicured facade. Topped off with […]

Delightful Modern Cottage Inducing a Warm Family Atmosphere in California

This charming modern cottage in Healdsburg, California, shelters an inspiring collection of open spaces perfectly suited for urban living. Known as Alley One Residence, the modern home was imagined by architect Amy Alper. The architect describes this delightful project, explaining how an old cottage was turned into modern spaces for family living: ” A dilapidated cottage located on a […]

Provocative Modern Architecture Approach for Bathroom Showroom in India

Mumbai-based architecture practice NU.DE came up with a provocative modern concept for bathroom showroom ABC Emporio in Kannur, India. Playing with perceptions, the team envisioned a sculptural geometric addition, partially wrapping the front and side facades of the building. This white tessellated shape powerfully stands out and gives the building its dynamic appearance. The material […]

Majestic Residence in South Africa Pours the Exotic Landscape Inside 

Eye-catching both during the night and the day, the Aloe Ridge House rises above the ground with its volumetric architecture in an attempt to dethrone the landscape. Inspirational design lines shape a spectacular contemporary home focused on gathering the best views its surroundings have to offer. Located in the Eden Rock Coastal Forest Estate on the southern coast of […]

PRACOWNIA Club&Restaurant Creatively Simulating a Painter’s Studio

This original restaurant design is called Pracownia (which in Polish means “workshop”) because it was envisioned as a light pastiche of a painter’s studio. Colorful blobs can be spotted throughout, as the entire interior of the dining area has been splashed with paint. However, the restaurant was not designed to be a youth interior in […]

Retail Space Converted Into Fresh Coffee Shop Design in Serbia

Arhitektura Budjevac, an architectural design studio based in Serbia, had the task to create a fresh looking coffee shop, the first one of the future “Stock Coffee” franchise developments. In order to transform a former retail space into a coffee shop in Niš, the project team had to remove all unnecessary elements of the interior, […]

Holiday Inspiring Palm-Tree Hideout in Vietnam: Oceanique Villas

Located in Mui Ne, a seaside holiday destination in Vietnam’s south east coast, Oceanique Villas by MM++ Architects is a daring residential project. According to the developers, the construction is composed of three units, two three-bedrooms villas and one four-bedroom residence, each with a private swimming pool. Facing various challenges, the building was raised almost […]

Luxury Five- Bedroom Country House With Spectacular Views in England

This country house designed by Berkshire-based Alexander James Interiors and offering views towards the picturesque Winter Hill in England is impressive to say the least. The five-bedroom residence is accessed via a private courtyard, with a perfectly manicured lawn. The imposing facade of St John’s House makes one wonder what this elegant home reveals on […]

Perfectly Designed Texas Luxury Property Sends Shivers Down Your Spine

Rarely can we see such a sculpted royal atmosphere, so when this 9 bedroom Palm Royale luxury home became available, it definitely created a new definition for inspiration. There are homes, luxury homes and then there is this dream realm where everything your ever dreamed of materialized: it’s located at 5324 Palm Royal Boulevard, Sugar Land, Texas, […]

Mesmerizing Luxury Home in Australia Flaunting Volumetric Architecture

A refined home is where timeless elegance meets modern trends in a highly customized setting. Webb & Brown-Neaves showcase their affinity for high quality through The Medallion – a residence so beautifully integrated in its surroundings! A modern volumetric architecture conveys the simplicity hiding behind a carefully studied floor-plan. Located in Floreat, Western Australia, the eye-catching […]

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