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In the architecture category you can see : modern houses with a ”wow”-effect, exterior and interior inspiration, landscaping ideas, astonishing buildings from all around the globe and focus on sustainability-these are just a few of the highlights in this category. Learn how to maximize the potential of each room in your home by simply viewing incredible works of world-renowned designers and architects, gathered into a single place. Expect only the best in color composition, use of materials and human ingenuity!

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Striking Visual Perspectives Unveiled by The Edge House in Kraków, Poland

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While building the contemporary Edge House in Kraków, Poland, the developing team at Mobius Architecture managed to cleverly reinterpret the local law requiring a traditional shape: “The house owes its narration to a local anomaly: a slope plot with a view on the mountains surrounding Krakow is knifed through by an 8 meter lime rock. […]

Design Upgrade for Three-Level Waterfront Home Near Sydney Harbour

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Close to the waterfront in Sydney, Australia, this three-level home is a contemporary remodel of an existing dwelling on the lot. When challenged to revive the decaying construction, Luigi Rosselli Architects opted for a daring project: “It is quite rare, in Woollahra Council’s municipality, to have a house waterfront residence so close to the water. […]

Modern Malibu Home Reinventing Home Transformations

  • Montee Karp Residence by Patrick Tighe Architecture (1)
  • Montee Karp Residence by Patrick Tighe Architecture (2)
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Spreading over a total area of 2,200 square feet, this modern Malibu residence stands its ground on a severely sloped hillside thanks to an architecture that seems . This key element was both a curse and a blessing, pushing Patrick Tighe Architecture to design a home “re-envisioned for the 21st century” in Malibu, California. Known as the Montee Karp […]

Contemporary Appearance Camouflaging Brooklyn Roots: Slate Street Townhouse

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Hiding its Brooklyn roots inside a contemporary appearance, the State Street Townhouse by architects and owners Christine and Ben Hansen is an intriguing mix of old and new. This family crib in New York, USA, inspires openness and light throughout, as well as a great connection to the outdoors. The backyard, complete with swings and […]

Dark Modern Home in Toronto Illuminated From the Inside

  • House 3 by MODERNest and Kyra Clarkson Architect (1)
  • House 3 by MODERNest and Kyra Clarkson Architect (2)
  • House 3 by MODERNest and Kyra Clarkson Architect (3)
  • House 3 by MODERNest and Kyra Clarkson Architect (4)

MODERNest and Kyra Clarkson Architect have designed a home showcasing a dark wood facade beautifully contrasting neighboring homes. Windows shape an idea of the interiors and illuminate surroundings at night as if the house were a lighthouse. Built in the West Queen West neighborhood of Toronto, Canada, the dark modern home is topped off with a green roof and deck. This allows […]

Modern Family Villa Infused With Minimalist Precision

Imagine living in a modern family villa like the Villa Spee Haelen in the Netherlands. Famous for living openly and inviting bright natural light inside with every chance, Dutch people inspire us to live fully in an environment that suits our needs and desires. Designed by architect Loek Stijnen of Lab32 Architecten for a married couple and their child, the now […]

Peerless Family Beach House Adapted to Australian Weather

The proud owners of this family beach house in Melbourne, Australia, can indulge in relaxation and socialization in their beautiful modern home that seems to be sliding down a slope. When you come home from work, you want to enter a place of relaxation. Mixing in spaces conceived for re-energizing, socializing and soaking up the sun gets you […]

Lively and Complex Family Refuge: Apartment Central Park Prime in São Paulo

Lovisaro Architecture + Design completed the design of Apartment Central Park Prime, a complex family crib a located in São Paulo, Brazil. The two level-home was especially designed for a a young couple who loves to have friends over for relaxation and entertaining. The layout is flexible and answers the modern living needs of the […]

Wooden Home in the Forest Assembling Forces of Nature

Bold and beautifully displaying a sleek wooden facade, this volumetric home in the forest speaks about the need to be in permanent contact with green surroundings. Delicately lined with black design elements and window frames, the home known as La Chasse-Galerie benefits from bright natural light, fresh forest air and a spacious collection of interiors imagined by Thellend […]

Noteworthy Panoramic Home Encouraging a Bachelor’s Interests

Owned by a father with grown children, the fascinatingly contemporary Chautauqua Residence was designed by Studio William Hefner. Collecting rare books is one of the owner’s biggest satisfactions, so the house was envisioned to shelter a home library anyone would be proud of. Overlooking a canyon in the Pacific Palisades, the panoramic home known as the Chautauqua Residence has […]

Smart Shelter in Spain Evoking A Breathable Lifestyle

When time spent with family and friends becomes a priority, you also take into account the place you would like that to happen. This is where the smart refuge comes in. El Refugio Inteligente was imagined by NOEM as a functional space easily and automatically controlled from the owner’s mobile device. The blessed owners having been dreaming to […]

Writer’s Cave-Like Retreat Surrounded by Raw Nature in Brazil

With a total surface of only 31 square meters, this solitary writer’s retreat in Itaipava, Petrópolis, Brazil displays a cave-inspired design. According to the creative team at Architectare, the symbolism of the cave is very broad and diverse: “It suggests shelter, self-knowledge, return to basics, reflection, pregnancy, growth, freedom through thought and many other meanings […]

Home Extension Heaven: Outfitting Your Home For Leisurely Living

Australian studio MCK Architects were asked to transform a modest bungalow into a dreamy home where the garden would naturally flow inside. The result is magnificent, breaking our mental boxes enough to see this home extension bud and flower under the Australian sun. “On first visiting the site we were met with a modest bungalow perched on a […]

Perfectly Balancing Rural and Urban Lifestyles: House JA in Portugal

Located on the north-center of Portugal, House JA by Filipe Pina and Maria Ines Costa was envisioned to combine a rural and urban lifestyle. The lot is surrounded by different types of constructions, consequence of the informal settlements, characteristics of most Portuguese city neighborhoods. The existent stone ruins, vestige of a traditional house and the […]

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