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Irregular White Residential “Box”: Modern Villa Bilthoven in the Netherlands

In stark contrast to the surrounding traditional architecture from the 19th and 20th century, this villa in Bilthoven, the Netherlands showcases a highly modern design. The project was recently completed by Clijsters Architectuur Studio… and showcases an irregular shape, with distinct geometric protuberances adding up to the main white volume. With an inspiring placement in the center of the property,

Modern Rectangular-Shaped House Boasting an Elegantly-Joyful Interior

Seen first on Architectism…, One27 Grovedale is a residential project completed by the architect Mick Rule in the city of Perth, Australia. The house, modern and bright, impresses the viewer with its neat and clean exterior. A fine example of bold and modern architecture (combining successfully elements from the middle of the last century with the latest design trends),

Exquisitely Shaped by a Dramatic Landscape: Fall House in Big Sur, California

Set in a rough, yet spectacular landscape, with a neighboring 250-foot drop to the Pacific Ocean, Fall House by Fougeron Architecture… is a one-of-a-kind vacation retreat: “The long, thin volume of the house conforms to the natural contours of the land and the geometries of the bluff, deforming its shape and structure in response. In this way, the complex structural

Complex Urban Living Space in São Paulo: Planalto House by Flavio Castro

Two large perpendiculars volumes make up the Planalto House, an imposing modern residential project designed by architect Flavio Castro… in São Paulo, Brazil. The street facade reveals the garage and a slightly cantilevered second floor continued with a terrace to the left. But as you move around the building, its complexity grows exponentially. Planalto house was envisioned as an urban

Partially Cut Into the Hillside: House by the Lake in Bregenz, Austria

Integrated in a picturesque Austrian landscape, above a lovely looking church at the foot of the Pfänder mountainside in Bregenz, this residence by Marte.Marte Architekten… inspires modern elegance. The retreat has identical facades on all sides, except for the west side of the house facing the lake. Concrete and glass were the materials employed for the finishing touch, the white

Modern Architecture With Vivid Red Coating: Casa das Artes in Portugal

The Casa das Artes (House of the Arts) in Miranda do Corvo, Portugal, expresses the meeting between two identities, rural and urban, in a landscape marked by the Lousã Mountains. Designed by Lisbon-based Future Architecture Thinking… (FAT), the building features a contemporary and volumetrically expressive language. The sloping roofs establish a dialogue with the geometry of the mountain landscape, in

Glass and Timber Addition to a 1950′s Hampshire House by AR Design Studio

The Medic’s House is a modern extension to a 1950′s three bedroom house in Hampshire, United Kingdom, envisioned by Andy Ramus and Laurent Metrich of AR Design Studio…. The residence is inhabited by two Winchester based Doctors, who needed extra living space with the arrival of their new baby daughter. AR Design Studio’s solution was to “create a large

Ancestral Contemporary Architecture: 3D-Like Volumes Defining a House in Peru

Longhi Architects… designed this spectacular house with a futuristic look in La Planicie, Lima (Peru). The clients, when asked what exactly are they hoping for, replied that they wanted a home “for ever”, a place so nice and comfortable that would make them spend the rest of their lives there. Such a nice thought! Along with clients, who were extremely

Inflatable Concert Hall Bringing Solace to Japan’s Tsunami-Affected Areas

It is a fact that originality sparks are lit daily in the music industry. In today’s post we would like to present Ark Nova…, a project that combines an unusual architecture approach with the desire to bring music to communities that were affected by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. According to its developers, the Ark Nova

Uniformly Lit Living Environment: The Light Walls House in Japan

The Light Walls House is a project developed by mA-style Architects… in the city of Toyokawa, Japan. What’s really interesting is that, despite not having windows, the house is uniformly lit, enhancing the feeling of peacefulness. The neat, rectangular-shaped home was designed to take advantage of the natural light, in a less common manner, but hey, we’re in Japan, the

Compact House Inspired by the Popular Tetris Game in Toronto

Tetris, the game, reminds me of my childhood. It’s always nice to bump into projects that are somehow related to that period of time. For those of you who don’t know (somehow I doubt it, but still), the game is all about arranging blocks and trying to find the most efficient way to reach your goal, that of saving space.

Modern Holiday Retreat in Hampshire, England: The Woodpeckers Project

Envisioned by Goss Visualisations, project Woodpeckers is a visualization for Strom Architects…, soon to be developed in New Forest, Hampshire, England. The residence will serve as a holiday retreat in a rural site with many building restrictions. The result of dealing with all architecture and function-related challenges is “a superstructure is a simple timber frame that will be

Extension Added to an 1950s Semi-Detached House in Dublin, Ireland

This 1950′s semi-detached house located in Silchester Park, Dublin, Ireland needed a small upgrade. The owners wanted to transform a little bit their home into a brighter and more breezy living space, so the team of architects responsible with the project, GKMP Architects…, came up with the following solution: a modern extension to the existing house. Parts of the

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean: Breathtaking Beach House by Aamodt Plumb Architects

An hour and a half away from Manhattan, there lies this spectacular dream home, called the Beach House. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the house is a place dedicated to relaxation, a sanctuary for the body, mind and soul. It relaxes, disconnects, protects and definitely inspires. Located on a narrow barrier island on the south shore of Long Island, the lovely

Dynamic Beach House Integrating Volumes in Its Structure by SPG Architects

Meet the amazing and dynamic Beach Walk House located on Fire Island, New York, a project designed by SPG Architects…. As you can see, the house’s structure consists of three volumes, each establishing a boundary between the interior areas. The team responsible with the project managed “to create a dynamic composition of three intersecting rectilinear forms, which is rotated

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