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In the architecture category you can see : modern houses with a ”wow”-effect, exterior and interior inspiration, landscaping ideas, astonishing buildings from all around the globe and focus on sustainability-these are just a few of the highlights in this category. Learn how to maximize the potential of each room in your home by simply viewing incredible works of world-renowned designers and architects, gathered into a single place. Expect only the best in color composition, use of materials and human ingenuity!

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Modern Residence Featuring an Uncommon Tent-like Structure in Japan

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This residence may be characterized by some as “odd”. Located in Kodaira, Tokyo, Japan and developed by Suppose Design Office, this home was designed for a family of four members and comes with quite an interesting exterior. Here is the official description of the project from the architects: Because of the conditions, our theme was […]

Old Cannon Foundry Modified into a Contemporary Glass Family Home

  • Natkevicius family home
  • Natkevicius family home (2)
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  • Natkevicius family home (4)

This next beautiful residence was designed by the Lithuanian architectural practice Natkevičius. Constructing a modern single family house based on a cannon foundry was a challenge for the architects. But once the idea formed into their minds, they decided to preserve the old structure in a contemporary glass box. The old yellow brick lodge received […]

Intriguing Residence of Various Design Rhythms: River Road House

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The River Road house was designed by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects and is located in Sewall’s Point, Florida. Its exterior is quite diverse, as this home showcases a series of well defined volumes united in an intriguing composition. The home stretches over an area of 12,300 square feet and is enriched by a generous pool. Everything […]

Massive Hilltop Residence in Rio de Janeiro with a Complex Architecture

  • Santa Teresa House Freshome01
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This concrete residence comes from SPBR Architects and is located in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At a first glance, one can only feel overwhelmed by this imposing building, situated on a hill top. Here is a description from the architects concerning this home’s structure:  At the lower level, there is a linear block […]

Contemporary and Architectural Waste Collection Center

  • Manifesto Waste Center (2)
  • Manifesto Waste Center (3)
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  • Manifesto Waste Center (5)

An integrated waste collection center is cleverly hidden under a modern architectural manifesto in Huarte, Spain, near the French border. This was called the Manifesto Center and it stands tall to express an open mind to the visual impact of industrial buildings. Although the waste collection center is equipped with turbines, scrubbers and filters, both […]

Sophisticated and Bright Modern Residence in Germany with a Unique Facade

A beautiful cantilevering house in Schondorf am Ammersee, Germany steals the attention from all the surrounding buildings. Its modernity and uniqueness comes from the cantilevering design and the 380 acrylic cylinders that perforate the outside structure of the house, creating a very contemporary design. Called House R, the residence by German architect Bembé Dellinger is a sophisticated […]

Contemporary Hillside Residence for an Active Family by Heliotrope Architects

The Grand Creek Residence was designed by Heliotrope Architects and is located in Missoula, Montana. With a complex architecture developed in a contemporary manner, the house manages to take advantage of its natural environment while enjoying a high level of privacy. Here is the description from the architects: “Designed for an active young family, the […]

Contemporary Structure for Dali’s works: Salvador Dali Museum

All the US art lovers will be happy to know that the new Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida opened itself to the public with a great opening on January 11, 2011, at 11:11 am. The amazing structure of 68,000 square feet reunites renowned Dali artworks in the biggest collection ever of the painter’s […]

World’s Longest Sea Bridge in China : The Qingdao Haiwan Bridge ( Video )

The world’s longest cross sea bridge has been revealed by China, proving once again how technology and economics are the strongest points of its economy. According to the Telegraph, the Qingdao Haiwan Bridge measures 26.4 miles (42.6 km) and links Qingdao city in China’s eastern Shandong province with the Huangdao district. Having an amazing architectural […]

Dynamic Home Contrasting with the Peacefulness of Kamala Beach

Villa Amanzi was created by design team Original Vision Ltd ( project architects: Adrian McCarroll, Waiman Cheung, Jamie Jamieson) and is located in Kamala Beach, Phuket, Thailand. A heaven for those in need of a quiet way of living, Kamala Beach is a spectacular location, with plenty of things to offer. The defining elements for […]

Imposing Residence Communicating With its Surrounding Landscape in Iran

Villa Kiani is located in Mohammad Shahr region, near Karaj city, Iran. The residence was designed in a highly contemporary manner by Makan Rahmanian and Kamran Heirati and features plenty of inspiring details. Built in a privileged location, Villa Kiani takes advantage of the 4,000 sqm garden surrounding it through its large windows and semi-covered […]

Nicholas Cage’s Former Las Vegas Residence Up for Sale for $8,9 Million

It is a known fact that movie star Nicholas Cage likes to invest in uncommon properties scattered all around the world. Even though at the present time the star is confronted with a few financial issues, his former homes are still evaluated at exorbitant costs. Take this Las Vegas 14,000-square-foot mansion for example, recently back […]

Magnificent Beach Home in Maui, a Tribute to Living Large

There aren’t a lot of homes that can take pride in having an ocean for their back yard. This opulent Kaanapali estate is located near the Pacific Ocean and has breathtaking beach views. The residence consists of 11, 000 square feet of living space and houses two master suites, six guest rooms, a media room, […]

Modern and Practical Addition to a Seattle Brick Bungalow

Architecture studio Shed has sent us one of their projects, a contemporary addition to a small brick home. Here is a brief description of the project together with some photos of their work: “The owners of this one story Seattle brick bungalow needed more space for their growing family. They also wanted to open up […]

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