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The Thiang Residence : Contemporary Home for Three Generations

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The Thiang Residence has one of the most beautiful human emotions at base: the love for family. This home was carefully thought out to accommodate a big, united family under one roof. Three generations share the same living space that allowing everyone to feel at home. The space between the two buildings is divided by […]

Diverse and Unusual Contemporray Family Crib: Bondi House

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Bondi House is an intriguing residence with a highly original architecture approach, recently “upgraded” by MCK Architects. Especially redesigned for a family with children, the building is currently a fun and unusual contemporary family crib, after suffering a series of reorganization processes. Here are some words from the architects: “The bulk of the new work […]

Remarkable Home with Acid Colours in Secluded Area

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Bruce Bolander, an amazing architect from Malibu, California, designed this unique home named Beauvoir Residence in the middle of nature, using the surrounding hills as fortresses. The two storey home acts like a funnel: it captures the nature and brings it inside through glass walls that act like windows to a dreamy landscape. This is […]

Subtle Elegance surprised in the Architecture of the RM House

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The RM House –  also called the Remy Menzaghi House – is located on the outskirts or Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Designers from Andres Remy Arquitectos built this astonishingly designed home for a young couple and their two kids. Bamboo insertions throughout the house make a bold statement of comfort and love for nature. Best suited […]

Immaculate Residence with an Elegant and Sober Feel in Tokyo

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TH House comes from Baqueratta, an architecture firm specialized in designing minimalist homes, and is located in Tokyo, Japan. With a simple and immaculate appearance, we believe this house is a great symbol of Japan’s modern residential architecture. Its exterior resembles a giant concrete rectangle breached by only a few windows. Characterized by elegance and […]

Holy Home: Stunning Looking Church for Sale in Utrecht

Did you ever think how it would be like to live in a 19th century church? This 1870 Gothic Church in Utrecht was transformed into a contemporary home by Zecc Architects and Thomas Haukes in 2009.  The impressive makeover emphasizes on light, functionality and the maximization of space. “WoonkerkXL” (“Residential Church XL”) impresses due to […]

Cliff Top House with Interesting Architecture and Breathtaking Views

Altamira Residence was designed by Marmol Radziner Architecture and is located in a picturesque landscape, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in Palos Verdes, California. With a sinuous, uncommon shape and concrete walls, the house contrasts the lively colors of the ocean and generous “backyard” pool, creating an amazing sight. The clients wanted a home that would […]

Perfect Balance of Architecture in Sweden – The H-House

This private residence, the H House by WRB Architects in the archipelago of Stockholm is a perfect balance of architectural elements that protect the structure from the harsh climate. Corridors for the wind were created when the architects created the H shaped house concept. They took advantaje of nature`s elements and bended them into an […]

Original Family Home in Poland “Modernizing” Traditional Architecture

This unusual looking single family home comes from Wizja Architects and is located in Burów, a nice village close to Krakow, Poland. From afar, the residence looks like a giant wooden monolith which makes an intriguing contrast with its landscape. Here is some interesting information from the architects: “The main idea behind the project, was […]

Modern Monolithic Home With Fascinating Interiors in Brazil

Casa Mirante Do Horto was designed by Flavio Castro and dominates its surroundings in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The main purpose of the project was to maximize the living surface while creating flexible areas and a good indoor/outdoor connection. The exterior of the building resembles a giant monolith with glass breaches all around. The facade is […]

Exciting New Look for England’s Dover Esplanade by Tonkin Liu

Since Dover Esplanade in Kent, England was in need of a re-design that would refresh the existing sea front and connect it to the city, London-based design studio Tonkin Liu took a stand and came up with an exciting project. Here is a description from the architects: “The Dover Esplanade harnesses the architectural language of […]

Mesmerising Home in São Paulo, a Perfect Relaxation Retreat

Here is a home which seems to have it all. Casa Acapulco was designed by Flávio Castro and has a diverse modern architecture. Located in a subdivision in the coastal city of Guaruja, a municipality in the São Paulo state of Brazil, Casa Acapulco has a well defined personality. The residence occupies a constructed area […]

Spectacular Residence on a Cliff Edge Inspired by a Picasso Painting

This unbelievable looking residence seems sprung out of a science-fiction movie. Rising on the edge of a cliff measuring no less than seventy meters, House Holman has a spectacular architecture. The project comes from Durbach Block Architects and is located in Dover Heights, a coastal, eastern suburb of Sydney. Featuring unexpected angles of sight given […]

Dwelling in Avila, the Latest of A-Cero’s Homes of Wonder

Freshome readers, we know how enthusiastic you are whenever we post information about A-cero. For today we would like to showcase one of their latest projects, “Dwelling in Avila”, a residence with an uncommon architecture located in Spain. Here is an excerpt from the press release: “A dwelling of generous proportions developed over a single […]

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