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In the architecture category you can see : modern houses with a ”wow”-effect, exterior and interior inspiration, landscaping ideas, astonishing buildings from all around the globe and focus on sustainability-these are just a few of the highlights in this category. Learn how to maximize the potential of each room in your home by simply viewing incredible works of world-renowned designers and architects, gathered into a single place. Expect only the best in color composition, use of materials and human ingenuity!

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Impressive use of Space and Concrete in A-cero`s Galicia House

  • Galicia House by A-cero
  • Galicia House by A-cero (2)
  • Galicia House by A-cero (3)
  • Galicia House by A-cero (4)

Another amazing home by A-cero drew our attention. This next architectural jewel, built in Galicia, reminds us of a fortress with majestic interior and exterior design. Breathtaking to say the least, the home was built on a 2.000 m2 terrain. The architects  used the rough terrain as inspiration when building the house from cubic blocks […]

Oceanfront Home Invaded by Color: Montauk Residence

  • Montauk House and Guest House
  • Montauk House and Guest House
  • Montauk House and Guest House
  • Freshome Montauk Residence-04.jpg

Montauk Residence was designed by Pentagram Architects and is located in Montauk, New York. The project consists of two separate buildings with distinct personalities: the main house and the guest house. Each of them has a generous outdoor area which takes full advantage of the closeness of the ocean. Especially built for a young couple […]

Zen-Like Cube Shaped Study Crib in the Catskill Mountains

  • Peter Gluck House-08.jpg
  • Peter Gluck House-01.jpg
  • Peter Gluck House-02.jpg
  • Peter Gluck House-04.jpg

Scholar’s Library was designed by architect Peter Gluck and is located in the Catskill Mountains, northwest of New York, USA. This unusual building accommodates over 10 000 books belonging to the architect and his wife, a scholar of Japanese history. You can look at the incredible looking studying refuge as a 20 feet cube filled […]

Exuberant Residence with a Feminine Touch: Acquavilla

  • Freshome Acquavilla12.jpg
  • Freshome Acquavilla02.jpg
  • Freshome Acquavilla13.jpg
  • Freshome Acquavilla03.jpg

Acquavilla looks like a home sprung out of a modern fairytale. Designed by Winn Wittman Architecture together with Jeremy Broussard and builder Gary Robinson, this amazing renovation of a mid 80’s wreck is a tribute to architecture ingenuity as well as to opulence and flamboyance. The project is located in Austin, Texas and was recently completed, […]

Bright and Cosy Villa Displaying an Interesting Shape in Austria

  • 3S villa
  • 3S villa (2)
  • 3S villa (3)
  • 3S villa (4)

Located in Graz Geidorf, Austria, this next residential building, named the 3S Villa, was designed by architects from LOVE architecture and urbanism. The 145 sqm of the house seem to overcome the boundaries between inside and outside. Although the building has a contemporary structure, the whole concept of the house is based on the relation […]

Impressive Architectural Studio Overwhelms the Astonishing Landscape

Surrounded by an incredible natural landscape, this imposing studio by architect Todd Saunders was erected on the Fogo Island, in Canada, right on the outskirts of Newfoundland.  The surface of the structure is quite small – 120 m2, but this is not an impediment for the architectural features to fully hit the eye. In an […]

Inviting Holiday Home by the Beach: The Shingle House in England

Alain de Botton’s Living Architecture project has recently been seriously taken further with the second finalized holiday retreat. The Shingle House comes from  NORD Architecture and is located on a beautiful beach in Dungeness, Kent, England. Its exterior is covered in black shingles which alternate pleasantly with wide windows. Together with a few transparent doors, they […]

Astounding Home in Australia Surrounded by Lush Vegetation

Combining an interesting mixture of hard stone and lush vegetation, the setting in which the K3 House was constructed was optimistically embedded into the life of the home. Located in Sydney, Australia, this amazing structure moulded by the imagination of Bruce Stafford Architects draws its power from the life of the plants surrounding and protecting […]

Creative Renovation: Modern with a Side of Ranch by Hufft Projects

Located in Leawood, Texas, Modern with a Side of Ranch is an “aggressive renovation” project within the framework of the existing ranch style home. Designed by Hufft Projects, the residence does its best to conserve and highlight the old elements which make a pleasant contrast with the new additions. The renovation consists of a box-shaped […]

A Tribute to Originality in Architecture: The Pentagonal House

Recently completed by Kazuya Morita Architecture, the Pentagonal House comes to defy our perception of residential symmetries. This original project was especially developed for a young couple and is located near Nagoya, Japan. Its exterior was designed to harmonize with that of the buildings near by and it has a contemporary appearance: To respect for […]

Cool Rooftop Company Headquarters in Luxembourg

“Roof top office” in Dudelange is a fascinating contemporary project from dagli + atélier d’architecture and is also the headquarters for a prestigious company in Luxembourg called Sanichaufer. The modern addition completes the existing building structure while creating an interesting contrast with the other homes in the neighborhood. Here is more form the architects: The […]

Bright and Cool Home by Architect Bruce Bolander

Californian architect Bruce Bolander has been designing residential and commercial buildings since 1995 from his office in Malibu. One of his creations, the Gartner Residence, lies on the banks of a river, beautifully expressing its shape at dusk.  The residential design of this home captured us with its refined simplicity that adds a feeling of […]

Harmonious and Comfortable Family Crib in USA: Moose Hill House

Here is a beautiful family crib that seems to have it all: a charming architecture, beautiful interior design work and happy inhabitants. The Moose Hill House was designed by architects Utile, Inc and is located South of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. We really like its youthful feel, the floor to ceiling windows, as well as its […]

Incredible Residence in Brazil Housing a Giant Book Wall

We have great respect for homes with books. And an even greater respect for architects that manage to bring them into the spotlight. Sure, in the case of today’s project, highlighting them was not so hard, being given that Querosene House “accommodates” no less that 7500 books. This amazing residence comes from architects grupoSP and […]

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