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In the architecture category you can see : modern houses with a ”wow”-effect, exterior and interior inspiration, landscaping ideas, astonishing buildings from all around the globe and focus on sustainability-these are just a few of the highlights in this category. Learn how to maximize the potential of each room in your home by simply viewing incredible works of world-renowned designers and architects, gathered into a single place. Expect only the best in color composition, use of materials and human ingenuity!

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Stylish and Modern: Dinesh Mills Bungalow by atelier dnD

  • bungalow-in-india-dinesh-mills-by-atelier-dnd-1
  • bungalow-in-india-dinesh-mills-by-atelier-dnd-2
  • bungalow-in-india-dinesh-mills-by-atelier-dnd-3
  • bungalow-in-india-dinesh-mills-by-atelier-dnd-4

Here is a home showcasing a faultless modern design. Dinesh Mills Bungalow comes from atelier dnD (we noticed their site is having some problems right now, but be sure to check back in a few days) and is located just outside the city of Vadodara, India. The exterior is absolutely fascinating, as the house seems […]

Modern Concrete Home & Workspace in Argentina: Sobrino House

  • Sobrino House Freshome01
  • Sobrino House Freshome02
  • Sobrino House Freshome03
  • Sobrino House Freshome04

Sobrino House was designed by A4 Estudio and is located in Mendoza, Argentina. Here is an official description from the architects: “Facing a complex project where the house is also a workplace, we proposed an organized level where all the living uses and human relations are possible: relax, shelter, contemplation and work. In a topographic […]

Modernising a Suburban Mansion: Grace Darling House

  • Grace Darling House Melbourne (2)
  • Grace Darling House Melbourne (3)
  • Grace Darling House Melbourne (4)
  • Grace Darling House Melbourne (5)

Are you wondering how to enlarge your home by adding more space and character? Then it’s time to get inspired by the Grace Darling House in Melbourne, Victoria. This house fascinates with a combination of modern interiors and easily recognisable exteriors that seem to have been constructed all at once. The suburban location of the […]

An Original Frozen Yogurt Shop in Manhattan: Flavaboom

  • fb_160711_07-940x1402
  • Flavaboom-by-Dune-New-York
  • Flavaboom-by-Dune-New-York-02
  • Flavaboom-by-Dune-New-York-03

Flavaboom frozen yogurt shop was designed by Dune (also responsible for the interior graphics) and is located in Manhattan, New York. We decided to present this project on Freshome, because we consider it quite original, not to mention inviting. According to retail design blog, the concept for this unique yogurt store is an ultramodern, futuristic laboratory. […]

Architecture Based on an Intriguing Concept: Barcode House

  • Barcode House Freshome02
  • Barcode House Freshome03
  • Barcode House Freshome04
  • Barcode House Freshome05

Barcode House was designed by David Jameson Architect and is located Washington, D.C. The residence gets its name from an interesting exterior design detail consisting a series of horizontal lines which resemble a giant commercial barcode. Here is more from the architects: “Barcode House explores juxtapositions between the heavy and light and the old and the […]

Weekend Retreat Close to NYC: Pawling Residence

SPG Architects were the ones who designed this residence located in Pawling, New York. Featuring 3,330 square feet, the house sitting on 5 acres was built as a weekend or vacation home for a couple living in New York. An interesting and powerfully relaxing feature is the 2-story bedroom space that “seamlessly link with the […]

Fresh and Creatively Practical: House To Catch The Tree

House To Catch The Tree was designed by studio Berranger & Vincent Architectes and is located in Nantes, France. The residence has a total surface of 1,377 square feet (around 128 square meters) and its structure features three levels. The architecture plans of the building aimed at taking advantage of a beautiful chestnut tree situated […]

Louis Vuitton: Architecture and Interiors Book Out This Fall

The promise of rekindling the old flame of fascinating and luxurious architecture and interior decoration is brought by Louis Vuitton‘s Architecture and Interiors Book, to be published this Fall. The plans to release the book have been announced to include over 300 illustrations and information about all the brand’s retail spaces. Showcasing the foundations and structures […]

Gallery House Displaying Works by Female Contemporary Artists

The Gallery House in San Francisco, California represents the merger of art and lifestyle. It is an art-loving couple’s paradise flooded with natural light. Sheltering a semi-public art gallery and a residence for two avid art collectors, the Gallery House displays a modern representation of how art should be cared for. Each space represents the […]

Combining Old and New: Mlicki Offices by JBAD

Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design have completed Mlicki Offices, a complex architecture project located in Ohio, USA. According to the architects, “the goal of this 6800 square foot commercial office renovation project was to recycle a pair of older, historic structures, giving them a new identity and purpose while retaining their historic character, an important […]

Mallorcan Style Townhouse Featuring Fab Views From Every Room

This exceptional interior design can inspire you to see what your home needs in order to look like a Mallorcan style townhouse. Featured today is the sun flooded residence located in Mallorca – a home that was inspired by the inhabitant’s love for the weather here. Travelling for many years from Sweden to Mallorca, the […]

Mirroring Adjoined Houses in Aspen Displaying a Discreet Rivalry

Studio B Architects designed this home – Nove 1 – in Aspen, Colorado. The project “consists of two adjoined and related cousins on a corner site and is often thought of as a ‘sibling rivalry’“. The opportunity given by the clients brought a new way of looking at architecture: the creative minds behind this project […]

Twin Houses Reflecting Contemporary Architecture and Interior Design

It’s hard to create a fascinating residence, it’s even harder to design twin houses that communicate with each other through design, placement and details. The Twin Houses you can admire below were designed by MGP Architecture. The architects describe the project: “Two eloquent, L shaped concrete containers that depend on each other in order to […]

Modern Hotel with an impressive Architecture in the Czech Republic

Karel Říha of AMOSdesign sent us some photos of Hotel Miura, located in the north-western part of the Czech Republic. The further description is an excerpt from the press release we received: “Architecture of the entire building is rough as the surrounding mountains but at the same time cozy where it should be. Predominantly, it […]

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