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Swedish Combination of Traditional Elements and Modern Design: Lima House

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Lima House comes from Swedish architect Johan Sundberg. The infusion of traditional elements into the contemporary architecture is represented by the unification between two apparently different designs: the traditional shape of the saddle roof and the distinguished elegance of the sleek modern design. In the seaside summer resort where this residence is located – Limavagen, […]

Contemporary Adult’s Tree House: Citriodora Residence in Australia

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Citriodora House was designed by Seeley Architects and is located near Great Ocean Road in Anglesea, Australia. Integrated within lush Lemon scented gums, the residence gets its name from the botanical term used to define these beautiful trees. Here is an excerpt from the architects’ official project description: “Inspired by the affects of the coastal […]

Dakar Sow House : Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

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Captured between two changing shades of blue – the sky and the Atlantic Ocean – Dakar Sow House rises on a cliff just above the immense stretch of water. Constructed areas cover a surface of 1,402 square meters, and the residence is the result of collaboration between the architects of SAOTA (Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen […]

London Aquatis Center Completed for the Olympic Games in 2012

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We were delighted to see this remarkable architecture project completed one year before the London 2012 Olympic Games. Designed by Zaha Hadid, the London Aquatis Center features a wave-like roof and no less than 17,500 seats. Here are more details from the architects: “Construction started on the Zaha Hadid-designed Aquatics Centre just over three years ago […]

Sleek Ocean Liner Inspired Croatian Hotel in Rovinj: Hotel Lone

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Having designed Hotel Lone as a fabulously contemporary place to enjoy a vacation, 3LHD Architects searched for better ways to induce a feeling of comfort and relaxation suited for those blissful days without work. Located in Rovinj, Croatia, in the exclusive Monte Mulini neighborhood, the hotel features 248 rooms – all conceived to offer exceptional […]

Tricoloured Mallorcan Dream House Reflecting in The Pool

Looking at this modern home, anyone can be influenced by its clean, contemporary architecture and fantastic use of materials. Mallorcan architect Miguel Angel Lacomba used exceptional creativity when integrating this white sandstone construction into the surroundings. The client brief stated simplicity at the top of the wish list and the architect constructed a white fairy-tale […]

A Great Place of Retreat: Modern Home in St. Helena, California

Butler Armsden Architects designed an impressive looking modern home in St. Helena, Napa Valley, California. Using a highly contemporary approach, the designers aimed at creating a home suited for a retired couple. The owners’ need for peacefulness was met by a complete isolation from the street ensured by a garage and studio that are interposed […]

Turning a Mid-Century Building into a Captivating Modern Crib: Elm House

Elm House is a striking 1955 home renovation achieved by Mitchell Weisberg. The residence has a total living area of 2,069 square feet and accommodates four bedrooms and three bathrooms. A large courtyard directs the visitors towards the garage and the main house entrance. This may be a mid-century building, but nothing in its interior […]

Exterior Home Slats Based on Fibonacci Series of Numbers: HHGO Garden Residence

HHGO Garden Residence was designed by architects Sören Hanft in collaboration with Jens Casper and is located in Oldenburg, Germany. According to the project developers, “the horizontal slats of different widths are based in their arrangement on the Fibonacci series of numbers” (a number sequence where every number is obtained by the sum of the […]

Cascading Residence with Originally Integrated Pool in London

The architecturally-intriguing Sheldon Avenue Residence was designed by Belsize Architects and is located Highgate, the famous London suburb. According to the project developers, the layout of the residence is “U” shaped, set round a glazed, triple-height ‘cascading’ atrium. The circulation spaces are arranged around the edge of the atrium, with the exception of the primary staircase and […]

Minimalist yet Stunning Looking Home by the Lake

We were fascinated by the location of this home in the Ekero municipality in Stockholm County, Sweden. The aerial view of this 8 bedroom family residence found on Oscars Makleri is truly captivating. Situated in a place where nature offers some of its lush side, the crib makes the most of the nearby trees and […]

Faultless Design and Energy Efficiency: Tiburon Bay House

It is hard to find something wrong with this captivating looking modern residence. Tiburon Bay House was designed by Butler Armsden Architects and is cleverly integrated in a rich natural environment When designing this residence, the architects were tasked to create an energy sustainable home. As a result, “the floor plan of the house is […]

Necessities For a Modern Family Life: Tera Residence

Romanian architecture and interior design studio Qub Design sent us some photos of the Tera Residence, a beautiful house in Floresti, Romania. Constructed on two levels, the residence features a collection of living spaces on the ground floor and private rooms in the attic. The ground floor features the living room, kitchen, home office and […]

Atop a Hill Surrounded by Vineyards: Jussila Residence

Fascinating in the dusk, the Jussila Residence is located “in the fertile hills of an emerging wine region near Paso Robles, California“, the perfect place to live and enjoy the marvels of fresh air and hillside views filled with vineyards. This home is not only architecturally interesting, it is also “the first phase of an […]

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