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Freshome covers a wide range of smart decorating ideas for apartments with a twist. Hundreds of projects are elegantly laid out in this category, helping you envision and develop your ideal apartment. From imposing New York penthouses, to aesthetically-perfect Scandinavian cribs and all the way to minimalist Asian inspiration, prepare to get  blown away by a variety of styles and surprising design solutions. And simply enjoy your virtual tour of the world’s best apartments!

Original Interiors from KMD

Sometimes dark and mysterious, other times white and pure, the atmosphere these interiors let out is definitely something new. Kara Mann… is a designer from Chicago, Illinois with an impressive interior design experience. Today we would like to present some of her work. You should know that she also likes to collaborate with artist and other design studios in order

Decorating Ideas for A Fresh Apartment

I really loved the fresh feeling that these arrangements inspire and I hope so will you. It’s amazing what adding a small colorful object can do to a place. And this is true for any room of the house, from the kitchen (green, purple and pink plates and baskets) to the living-room (purple puffs, bathroom or hallway. The designs come…

Stylish Apartment Design from Christopher Colman

Christopher Colman …is an architect from Brooklyn, New York. He characterizes his style as “eclectic, colorful and modern. He is noted for his use of industrial and slick materials which create dazzling textural interest.” Now that you know a little about the designer, here is some of his work that got him the up-mentioned prestige. The pictures below are taken

Swedish Inspiration – White Apartment in Goteborg

The Swedes never cease to amaze us with their extensive use of white and their fine details that have been refined to perfection for their home interiors. Large windows that allow lots of light, contemporary furniture and everything sitting in the right place, these are all things that define the minimalist theme of any Swedish apartment that has made here…

Curved Leather Unit, An Original Interior Design Tool

The pictures bellow are an extract from a larger project-  a residence located in Hampstead Village, United Kingdom.  The place had to be redesigned and the team to do so was  Belsize Architects…. Their brief stated that they should turn the house into “a modern home, full of light, and to ensure that there was a “ wow” factor”.

Modern Interior Design- Apartment in Stockholm

This interior comes form  Olle Rex…, a company of  “young and enthusiastic architects” from Sweden. The place is called “The Karlavagen 59″ and it is basically a king-size apartment which includes a huge balcony, no less than four bedrooms and a large living-room with modern furniture and a fireplace. The kitchen is classic with a table for eight in

Casa Sao Francisco, A Mixture Of Classic And Modern

Casa Sao Francisco is a project belonging to Andrea Vivas created for MG Studio.… The place is a mix of modern and classic and each room is individualized. The large living-room includes a wooden TV support and side decorative panels, an elegant white couch and an interesting table and chairs set. The kitchen is also spacious, with rustic elements and

Yellow Living Space

New beginnings call for… colorful environments. This is how this interior was born. The project -a part of the Cooking&Living Concept… from Logos- implied building an apartment for a young couple who wanted a place with a” fun and novel touch who would showcase their personalities and age”. Color and fun, this is the overall idea that comes to mind

Kitchen Integrated In Living-Room

In our never ending search for quality design ideas, we stumbled upon some amazing ideas about how to integrate a kitchen in a living room. Logos… is where we found the “Cooking and Living” project, which unites several unique ideas about interiors that combine the two. The project below was created for a family of four. Eli, Richard and their

Dwellings Built for Today’s Luxury Lifestyle : 1200 Sweetzer

Located in the heart of West Hollywoof, 1200 Sweetzer was designed by AI Architects & Urban Moment, Inc.… , and delivers nine 2 and 3 bedroom boutique homes and 1 unique loft unit. These cool, yet sophisticatedly designed urban dwellings built for today’s luxury lifestyle include open private patios, balconies or rooftop decks for each home and feature sustainable products

Apartment In The Attic by Studio Damilano

Attic renovations are not in a lot of people’s favorites lists. The unusual angles make it really hard for one to come up with furniture ideas that would fit in weird places and sometimes maintenance can raise more problems than in a usual apartment. The Atticus apartment project belongs to  Studio Damilano… and is actually a make-over of an old

Color-Accents Galore for a Miami Beach Apartment

Although he may run a business based in New York, Ken Valenti’s apartment on Miami beach has a particularly interesting theme.  Namely, a strong focus on color accents… even when the color is all white.  In fact, the majority of his apartment is designed to be all-white with very very minimal use of off-white color as deliberately subtle accents.  To…

Luxurious Riverfront Apartment in Gold Coast, Australia

When it comes to perfect positioning between a rare river view and the sparkling backdrop of Surfers Paradise city skyline, there are probably some stunning house candidates along the way. But this Riverfront apartment must have been an unrivaled dwelling place around Gold Coast, Australia. And just by taking into account their salient spacious architectural designs which offer the privilege…

Deepest Darkest Beauty by Erik Andersson Architects

We agree that the title may be misleading, but when you’ll dwelve in below and look at the pictures you’ll appreciate the stunning/mysterious design. Designed by talented folks from Stockholm based Erik Anderson Architects…, the Swedish white we’ve been used with has been turned into a dark pleasure — one that you simply can’t resist. When sleek and beauty

1896 Swedish Apartment Becomes Modern

This beautiful apartment combines modern décor with turn of the century 1896 designing. It is like a mixing of two centuries and the effect is surely unique, to say the least. Beautifully lit, with lots of windows and artificial lights, it boasts lovely ethnic features like a fireplace, a stucco, a foot rail, mirror doors and pine flooring that adds…

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