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Freshome covers a wide range of smart decorating ideas for apartments with a twist. Hundreds of projects are elegantly laid out in this category, helping you envision and develop your ideal apartment. From imposing New York penthouses, to aesthetically-perfect Scandinavian cribs and all the way to minimalist Asian inspiration, prepare to get  blown away by a variety of styles and surprising design solutions. And simply enjoy your virtual tour of the world’s best apartments!

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Use of Details In Interestingly-Shaped Swedish Apartment

  • 54-square-meters-condo-in-Gothenburg-
  • 54-square-meters-condo-in-Gothenburg--(2)
  • 54-square-meters-condo-in-Gothenburg--(3)
  • 54-square-meters-condo-in-Gothenburg--(4)

Welcoming inhabitants with an irregularly shaped hallway, this 54 square meters condo in Gothenburg is suited for someone who loves cozy, interestingly shaped residential spaces. The versatile apartment offers social and resting spaces in the same bright room, while the kitchen was designed to display a welcoming design. The living room is used as both […]

Striking Modern Design: Triumph Palace Apartment in Moscow

  • modern apartment Rusia (1)
  • modern apartment Rusia (2)
  • modern apartment Rusia (3)
  • modern apartment Rusia (4)

Envisioned by designers Alexei Nikolashina, Alexandra Fedorova and Irina Shumaeva, this highly modern apartment is one of the sought after accommodation spaces in Moscow’s famous Triumph Palace building. The chromatic harmony of this project is achieved by white walls and floors, contrasted subtly by wooden accents and strongly by a dark-yellow TV and bookcase unit. […]

Charming Condominium In Sweden For a Young Family

  • -Charming-Condominium-In-Sweden-(2)
  • -Charming-Condominium-In-Sweden-(3)
  • -Charming-Condominium-In-Sweden-(4)
  • -Charming-Condominium-In-Sweden-(5)

Located at the last (4th) floor of a turn of the century building, this charming condominium in Sweden features three rooms with a chic arrangement and a bright and open floor plan. The refurbished, recently renovated residential space accommodates a young family looking to relocate. Welcoming inhabitants with an open living/dining/kitchen space and two quiet […]

Small Apartment in Barcelona With Clever Design Solutions

  • fresh apartment (2)
  • fresh apartment (3)
  • fresh apartment (4)
  • fresh apartment (5)

Welcome to a colorful small apartment in Barcelona, Spain, especially designed to answer the living needs of a young couple. Found on MiCasa, this happy home is filled with personality and original design elements. Tall ceilings, exposed beams, pipes and plenty of color-all these elements reinvent the sober industrial style and contribute to a fresh […]

Unique Top Floor Duplex Apartment In Gothenburg

  • Unique-duplex-apartment-Alvhem
  • Unique-duplex-apartment-Alvhem-(2)
  • Unique-duplex-apartment-Alvhem-(4)
  • Unique-duplex-apartment-Alvhem-(5)

This unique duplex apartment can be found in one of Gothenburg’s central districts – Linnéstaden. Four rooms spread over two floors make up the apartment’s floor plan. The top floor apartment can be reached via the elevator and its two-level split space makes this perfect for a large family.Its 111 square meters and location on […]

Small Apartment Integrating Charming Design Ideas by Architect Flavio Castro

We received a lovely small apartment from Architect Flavio Castro, with an inspiring design and layout. Apartment Putti is home to a young couple, meaning that its structure had to offer expansion possibilities for the family. New hybrid functional interiors had to be created. This is the case with the office, which can also be […]

Highly Modern Apartment Design in Russia by Alexey Nikolashina

Architectural bureau SL Project founded by by Russian architect Alexey Nikolashina completed a modern apartment design in Moscow, Russia. Lacquer finishes set the tone for the apartment, making this home highly modern and a bit flashy.The living room is the core of the crib and hosts a generously-sized sofa, a small coffee table and an […]

Exquisite Modern Homes: Portfolio of Kelly Behun Studio

An interesting feature of Kelly Behun’s work is the way she manages to mirror urban life in her projects. For today we decided to showcase some of the interiors envisioned and implemented by the studio of the modern artist, as we consider they represent a real American design trend nowadays. Seen on Desire to Inspire, the […]

Luxurious New York Penthouse On Tribeca’s Duane Street

Luxurious New York City residences tend to break the limits of interior design and expand the knowledge of space composition and use of materials. This glamorous penthouse apartment at 142 Duane Street in Tribeca was created for those in love with spacious, carefully designed residential spaces with fantastic views of the city’s skyline. The most […]

New York Duplex Displaying a Sophisticated Interior Design

How could one not appreciate the elegance displayed by this contemporary duplex in New York? Envisioned by Pulltab Design for a family of four, this lovely 2,400 square foot apartment provides an elegant living space, filled with inspiring details. The green wall and the shallow reflecting pool are probably the ones that stand out the […]

Contemporary Use of Wood and Colored Glass Details

Architect Rajiv Saini was the one who designed this apartment on the upper level of a family home in New Delhi. You might remember the architect’s Rishikesh House featured a while back on Freshome, with its surprising use of wood and glass. This apartment retains the charm found in the architect’s works and raises the […]

Imposing Duplex with Double Height Reception Room in London

We are certain you will enjoy this virtual tour of an impressive London duplex, displaying an original layout throughout. The loft has no less than bedrooms bedrooms, and stands out mainly due to its massive double height reception room. No matter what the standpoint,this interior can easily overwhelm. Two generously-sized living areas are separated by […]

Cozy Swedish Apartment With Charming Wood-Burning Fireplace

This bright and cozy apartment can be found in Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg. Situated in a central part of the city, the apartment features three bedrooms, each smaller than the other, but with a strong appeal and comfortable amenities. Its 98 square meters were designed to offer the best arrangement possible and keep an […]

Interior Design Focused on Quality: Mont East Flat in Hong Kong

Just have a look at the original and elegant features this loft puts on display! Designed by Pal Pang of studio Another Design International, this contemporary apartment entitled Mount East Flat and located in Hong Kong has what it takes when it comes to providing inspiration. An atmosphere that emanates complete freedom, aesthetics and unique […]

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