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Freshome covers a wide range of smart decorating ideas for apartments with a twist. Hundreds of projects are elegantly laid out in this category, helping you envision and develop your ideal apartment. From imposing New York penthouses, to aesthetically-perfect Scandinavian cribs and all the way to minimalist Asian inspiration, prepare to get  blown away by a variety of styles and surprising design solutions. And simply enjoy your virtual tour of the world’s best apartments!

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Modern Two-Level Apartment in Poland Abounding in Creativity

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We received photos and information regarding an unconventional apartment design envisioned by architect Tomasz Jasiński of AJOT Design Studio for the Polish aqua-designer Radoslaw Baszak of the Aquatic Plants Studio. Mirroring a passion for water tank designs, the whole apartment is decorated in a minimalist style with a dominant white color and accents of intense […]

Beautiful and Cozy Design With Rusty Pipes As Odd Elements Of Décor

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Minsk, Belarus is the home for this exquisite, impeccable decorated loft, where ( a particular and unusual type of) coziness and colours create a beautiful story. Really welcoming and different, the apartment is a strange mix of wood, bricks and concrete, with a gorgeous fireplace, occupying the central part of the room. The place is […]

Calm Retreat in an Agitated City: Small and Fresh Apartment in Bucharest

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We were recently sent photos of a small, but fresh apartment design in Bucharest, Romania. The creative minds behind the project are Monica Corduneanu and Paula-Maria Duta of Archinteriors. Here are some words from the designers describing their work: “This project is for a one room apartment with a living room, kitchen and bathroom. As […]

Rustic Wooden Apartment in Italy Revealing Surprising Details

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Located in the Italian alpine resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo, this welcoming apartment design defined by wood inspires winter throughout. Envisioned by Gianpaolo Zandegiacomo, Casa Cojana provides an original rustic living environment, perfect for a holiday retreat. Each of its interiors is unique due to various decorating details and  a perfect mountain landscape can be spotted through […]

Ingenious Apartment Design in Italy Revealing Original Layout Ideas

  • Interno Fraciscio by Studio Fanetti (2)
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Gianluca Fanetti, lead designer of Studio Fanetti completed a rustic-meets-modern apartment in Campodolcino, Italy. Abounding in wood, the interiors of this contemporary home resemble those of a modern chalet, wouldn’t you agree? Due to the unusual height of the walls, the design team decided to split the space, creating two functionally separate levels. The bottom […]

Spacious and Bright Apartment With a Staggering View Over Mexico City’s Skyline

We want to share with you another spectacular example of contemporary design, the work of MAP/MX, an architecture and design firm headquarted in the city of fascination, New York. The P1 apartment is located in Mexico City, on the top floor of a 10 story building. With an amazing view over the city’s skyline, the […]

Penthouse in Moscow With Panoramic View Over the “Red City”

We have spotted in Ad magazine, this artistic-like penthouse,  completed by the Russian designer, Ksenia Nikitina.  The apartment is the designer’s personal property. The main advantage is definitely the panoramic view over the “Red City”, called like this because of the large amount of buildings that adopted the ex-communist colour. The penthouse is structured on two levels, […]

Environmentally Friendly Home With a Shade of Contemporary in Miami, Florida

Meet an environmentally friendly space that really got our attention. The Horcasitas Apartment “suffered” a makeover and became this fashionable and sustainable place, really inspiring and really cool as a home. The apartment was an outdated 70’s space but once adapted to the modern tendencies became a gorgeous inhabitable place and of course, a “Freshome […]

Pharrell Williams’ Miami Penthouse Listed For Sale At $16.8 million

We are certain some of you Hip-hop enthusiasts out there wondered how the crib of American rapper Pharrell Williams looks like. Well, we found his 9,000-square-foot penthouse duplex in Miami, Florida, listed for sale for $16.8 million. The self-entitled Kidult (you guessed right, this is the result of merging “kid” and “adult”) described his home […]

Compact Attic Apartment With a Gorgeous Simple Design in Sweden

Swedish design is characterised by simple lines, neutral colours, textures, rugs and brightness. We have spotted another gorgeous attic apartment in the heart of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. The bohemian town, also known as the “gateway to northern Europe”, accommodates plenty of compact small-sized homes, showcasing gorgeous details and an uncomplicated contemporary […]

Bright and Cozy Swedish Apartment Displaying Charming Decors

Welcome to a beautiful Swedish apartment, displaying a cheerful overall decor and inspiring color additions. With a total surface of 70 square meters, the place exhibits a good layout and tall ceilings, giving the impression of space. The relatively small home discovered on Alvhem is located in the popular Vasastan district of Gothenburg, in a […]

Functional Space: Modern Apartment in Odessa Exhaling Brightness

Colours!  We simply love a good idea and a creative blend of colours. It implies courage! To underline the fact that a happy environment can have an amazing effect on our lives, the Ukranian designer, Ino Getiashvili, came up with some cheerful ideas and decorated the interior of an apartment located in Odessa’s old town […]

Colourful Creative Apartment in Rio Recreating the Whimsical 70’s Ambience

A burst of colours and here you have a wonderful lively compact multifunctional living area in Rio, reflecting the vibrant Brazilian spirit. What you see is not a loft, but a loft installation, designed by Luiz Fernando Grabowsky  for the Casa Cor exhibition. The ambience is extremely rich and playful, thanks to an open space concept, that […]

Wood Love: Atmosphere of Unity Recreated in an Enchanting Apartment in Italy

You are about to enter a place dedicated entirely to wood. An enchanting apartment adorned with wooden details, making everything look cozy, managed to make an impression on us! With its simplicity and dedication towards smooth details, this cushy spot, designed by the Italian, Gianluca Fanetti, in Campodolcino ( a small municipality in the region of […]

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