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Freshome covers a wide range of smart decorating ideas for apartments with a twist. Hundreds of projects are elegantly laid out in this category, helping you envision and develop your ideal apartment. From imposing New York penthouses, to aesthetically-perfect Scandinavian cribs and all the way to minimalist Asian inspiration, prepare to get  blown away by a variety of styles and surprising design solutions. And simply enjoy your virtual tour of the world’s best apartments!

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Stylish and Spacious Apartment Integrating a Movable Wall

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Very elegant and neat, this interior exhales style and sophistication. The decoration is the work of Fertility Design, a very interesting Chinese studio, that managed to integrate a movable wall inside the house, in order to create a breezy atmosphere and a more dynamic environment. The studio found the perfect solution and embedded a sliding […]

Contemporary Residence Flavoured With Italian Sleek Elements of Design

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This private residence is the work of Forme D’Arte, in Rome. Contemporary and uplifting, the house is filled with cosmopolite décor details such as avant-garde and pop art paintings, a creative fireplace, stainless steel and glass. The main colours chosen for this décor were velvet royal blue, smooth purple and red. The interior is bright, fresh […]

Energy and Diversity Inspired by Original Apartment in Moscow

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Ekaterina Avrutskaya (designer) and Alexander Akinkin (architect). came up with surprising design solutions for a home remodel in Moscow. The 13 Fox Masques Apartment was initially built in the mid 90s and therefore displayed a common layout and out-of-date arrangements. Discovered on Afflante, the recently transformed house is a fascinating mix of colors and textures, […]

Ingenious Design Solutions in a Cozy 39 Square Meter Apartment

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Clifton Leung Design Workshop sent us photos and information regarding a practical apartment design the studio completed in Wampoa Garden, Hong Kong, China. The warm lighting and creamy surroundings highlight the overall atmosphere of this small house: simple and peaceful. No colors other than white and beige are chosen for the color scheme to replicate […]

Luxury and Irreverence Defining Eclectic Apartment in Brazil

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Architect Henrique Steyer, from Albus Design envisioned an intriguing home in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil: “In our latest project, I allied top international furniture with a series of French antique pieces to confer luxury and irreverence to this apartment. The owners, a young couple used to traveling around the world, and therefore with a rich repertoire […]

Colorful and Elegant Apartment in Poland by Michel Design

This modern 86 square meter apartment is situated in Wejherowo, Poland and was designed by interior designers: Helena Michel and Adam Michel (Michel Design). The two bedroom apartment with open space living room and kitchen/dining, spacious bathroom, hallway and walk-in wardrobe. Elegance and functionality are the main attributes characterizing this contemporary flat. Home decor in […]

Minimalist Apartment Housing Iconic Furniture Pieces by ArhitekturaBudjevac

Serbia based ArhitekturaBudjevac ( completed the renovation of an apartment in an old 70’s building. The designers had the task to turn an old, family-dwelling apartment into a single dwelling contemporary area. The apartment in its initial state was characterized by a number of small clusters, all assigned with distinct functions, typical of the Socialist […]

Smooth Classic Design Embracing the Love for Wood

Discover a home dedicated entirely to…wood. A tribute to this precious material that completes the look of a house and has the power to change it completely. Wood is an inspiration and we like wood: the simplicity, the gorgeous decorations, the solid structure. Wood is the natural touch embracing our homes. This apartment located in […]

Precious White Apartment With Shabby Chic Details in Gothenburg

Scandinavian design is so simple and neat, that doesn’t need any additional glow to shine. Characterised by minimalism and most of the times, shabby chic details, Scandinavian style definitely fits people with a little drain of nonconformism in their souls. This fine apartment in Linnéstaden, one of the central districts of Gothenburg, Sweden, is gorgeous, […]

Awkwardly Creative and “Spooky” Design in a Modern Apartment, Madrid

Immersing in a world entirely dedicated to daring artwork, we present you an interesting apartment, with an awkwardly creative approach towards…design. This modern (and edgy) home in Madrid, Spain, is the result of IlmioDesign‘s strange imagination. With futuristic light fixtures, providing a smooth silky purple ambience, the apartment is ideal for those who still believe that art […]

Reinventing the City Centre Apartment with Yo! Home

As population growth rates continue to rise at a worrying rate, concerns for adequate housing are a constant topic of discussion. And this population growth is often accompanied by rampant urbanization as increasing numbers of people choose to migrate from more rural areas into the larger towns and cities looking for a employment and a […]

Modern Two-Level Apartment in Poland Abounding in Creativity

We received photos and information regarding an unconventional apartment design envisioned by architect Tomasz Jasiński of AJOT Design Studio for the Polish aqua-designer Radoslaw Baszak of the Aquatic Plants Studio. Mirroring a passion for water tank designs, the whole apartment is decorated in a minimalist style with a dominant white color and accents of intense […]

Beautiful and Cozy Design With Rusty Pipes As Odd Elements Of Décor

Minsk, Belarus is the home for this exquisite, impeccable decorated loft, where ( a particular and unusual type of) coziness and colours create a beautiful story. Really welcoming and different, the apartment is a strange mix of wood, bricks and concrete, with a gorgeous fireplace, occupying the central part of the room. The place is […]

Calm Retreat in an Agitated City: Small and Fresh Apartment in Bucharest

We were recently sent photos of a small, but fresh apartment design in Bucharest, Romania. The creative minds behind the project are Monica Corduneanu and Paula-Maria Duta of Archinteriors. Here are some words from the designers describing their work: “This project is for a one room apartment with a living room, kitchen and bathroom. As […]

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