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Freshome covers a wide range of smart decorating ideas for apartments with a twist. Hundreds of projects are elegantly laid out in this category, helping you envision and develop your ideal apartment. From imposing New York penthouses, to aesthetically-perfect Scandinavian cribs and all the way to minimalist Asian inspiration, prepare to get  blown away by a variety of styles and surprising design solutions. And simply enjoy your virtual tour of the world’s best apartments!

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Bursting With Personality: Charming St. Pancras Penthouse in London

  • design St Pancras Penthouse Apartment London
  • interior St Pancras Penthouse Apartment London
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Occupying the top three floors of the west tower of a famous London landmark, St Pancras Penthouse Apartment by TG Studio is a charming eclectic home. Initially discovered by Freshome on Interiorzine, the project consisted of a massive redesign and as expected, the creative team faced quite a few challenges: “As the property is of […]

Futuristic Approach to Private Home in Bulgaria by BOZHINOVSKI DESIGN

  • design  Yovo Bozhinovski
  • interior Yovo Bozhinovski
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Yovo Bozhinovski of BOZHINOVSKI DESIGN sent us captures of a private home in Bulgaria covering an area of 80 square meters. The team was responsible for designing the living room and one of the bedrooms: “We have aimed to give the space a more contemporary appeal and to create a warm, cozy atmosphere . We […]

Two-Story Penthouse Apartment Boasting a Gorgeous Sophisticated Interior

  • Bathroom
  • Decorations
  • Details Bathroom
  • Dinning Area and Living Room

Studio 1408 has renewed the interior of the Z Apartment , located in Bucharest, Romania. Spreading over 160 square meters, it was completely adapted to the customer’s needs: the client wanted an apartment defined by an elegant and serious style adorned with décor elements that made it feel more cozy and precious. Inspiring sobriety and sophistication, […]

Ultra-Modern Apartment & Private Art Gallery Overlooking Central Park

  • apartment project robert_couturier
  • design robert_couturier
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Robert Couturier has completed the design of an intricate modern apartment overlooking Central Park in New York. The opulent crib has a total surface of 450 square meters and hosts an impressive contemporary art collection. The most “fabulous” interior within the penthouse is an open plan living room with floor to ceiling windows. It is […]

Modern Composition in Black&White : Room 407 Project in Tokyo

  • black white room_407
  • interior room_407
  • room_407 (4)
  • room_407 (5)

Located in the financial district of Tokyo, this apartment is a home renovation envisioned for a couple with a busy lifestyle. According to the architects at studio PANDA, the owners requested a place with many storage solutions, openness and transparency. The brief also involved the existence of an open plan living and dining space space, […]

High-Tech and High-End Apartment in Warsaw by Republika Architektury

Situated on the top floor of a modern building near the center of Warsaw, Poland, this contemporary loft was especially designed for rent by the team at Republika Architektury. High-tech and high-end, the apartment has a contemporary look throughout. Moreover, the 180 square meter home features great views over the Vistula River and the National […]

Light-Filled Micro-Loft in Manhattan By Specht Harpman

When it comes to small apartments, it’s mandatory to stay creative. The hardest part is to provide an uncluttered environment and create as much space as possible using smart methods. It’s more difficult to expand and make a house look more spacious than it actually is. This is why transforming micro-lofts and adapting them it’s […]

Bright And Cozy Apartment in Gothenburg Featuring Unique Splashes of Personality

The bright and beautiful Scandinavian design strikes again: this time we’re presenting a small apartment in Masthugget, one of the top elite historical neighbourhoods in the lovely city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Despite its central location, the neighbourhood is relaxed and calm, offering a unique tranquil living experience. Wandering on the streets of Masthugget can be […]

A Blend of Creative Details: The Vale Townhouse in Kuala Lumpur

Blu Water Studio completed the design and development for an original project entitled “The Vale Townhouse” and located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their work displays a charming, almost bohemian-like atmosphere, inspiring contemporary serenity. You can see how the open plan layout is enhanced by a creative placement of furniture and decorating details, resulting in a […]

Daring Penthouse in The Exquisite City of Cologne Incorporating a Strong Personality

Located in Cologne, Germany, this modern penthouse designed by the Belgian interior designer Angelo de Bock is daring, provocative and incorporates a strong personality. The interior is sprinkled with warm tones of colour, creating that perfect ambience for a home located in a cosmopolite city such as Cologne. Let’s start with the terrace though, where […]

Luxury Apartment in California Incorporating Panoramic Windows

Horst Architects , the Californian architectural studio renewed this neat interior of a two-storey apartment located in Corona del Mar (translated as “Crown of the Sea”), Newport Beach, California. The major problem was the lack of space, so the architects had to find a good design idea in order to implement it and deliver a home […]

A Swedish Fairytale: The Luxury Mansionette in Gothenburg

Great view and a smooth gorgeous interior: what’s not to like about this beautifully decorated home in Linnéstaden, one of the most exquisite sides of Gothenburg? This vibrant and playful interior is so nice and cozy and at a closer look, there’s nothing not to like about it! Gothenburg’s is one of the finest towns in […]

Gothenburg’s Exquisite Side: Small Apartment Tastefully Designed

The tasteful Scandinavian design strikes again! Alvhem Makleri & Interior presents another gorgeous Gothenburg small, all-white apartment, integrating personalized elements to create the perfect simple living space, for those who seek tranquility and a relaxed lifestyle. Like other Scandinavian homes, this apartment showcases a variety of decorations in order to make the spot cosier and more personal. […]

Creative Roof Apartment in Beirut With Expansive City Views

Nadim Karam & Atelier Hapsitus completed the design for a highly modern roof apartment located in Clemenceau, Beirut, Lebanon. A generously-sized deck with expansive city views, spacious interiors and impressive works of art make this a welcoming home, where creativity meets a high living standard. The Clemenceau roof apartment is based on one curved wall […]

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