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Freshome covers a wide range of smart decorating ideas for apartments with a twist. Hundreds of projects are elegantly laid out in this category, helping you envision and develop your ideal apartment. From imposing New York penthouses, to aesthetically-perfect Scandinavian cribs and all the way to minimalist Asian inspiration, prepare to get  blown away by a variety of styles and surprising design solutions. And simply enjoy your virtual tour of the world’s best apartments!

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Modern Crib in Taiwan Displaying a Highly Intriguing Layout

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KC Design Studio sent us photos and information about a modern residential project the team completed in Taiwan. The main objective was to  develop a friendly and practical living space, one that would highlight the owners’ impressive collection of travel items. To this extent, the designer envisioned a series of wooden shelves, allowing the inhabitants […]

Smart Lighting Solution with Spectral Qualities for a Brighter Home by BETILLON/ DORVAL-BORY

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Appartement Spectral is a 20 square meters studio apartment in Levallois, Paris, France. It might seem small but the space’s enough for a young couple with a busy schedule. When BETILLON / DORVAL‐BORY, an architecture office based in Paris, took the project understood that the main problem was not the lack of space but the lack of light. In […]

Royal British Atmosphere Experimented in 100Sqm Russian Apartment

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The creative studio at Simultin Design completed the design of a contemporary flat with a surface of ​​just over 100 square meters. Located in a new residential complex in Krasnodar. Russia, the apartment was developed according to the requests of the owner, who wanted everything to revolve around a central theme: The United kingdom. In […]

Compact Loft in Madrid Displaying Smart Storage Solutions by Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos

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Discovered on Trendir, this super-compact apartment located in the heart of Madrid’s historic centre provides a decent and comfortable living environment for a single person. As expected, the loft designed by Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos incorporates a series of smart storage solutions enhancing a little bit the feeling of space: the stairs, for instance, have drawers. A […]

Delightful One-Room Scandinavian Crib With Plenty of Living Space

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Browse through the photos below and you will discover a welcoming apartment, filled with inspiring design ideas, personality and space. Each of the 44 square meters in this beautiful Scandinavian crib was optimized, resulting in a home that simply dazzles. Discovered by Freshome on Alvhem, the abode consists of a single open plan interior, with […]

High Level of Interactivity Exuded by Stylish Modern Home in Taiwan

H2o+Co2 Design sent us photos and information about a modern house design they recently completed in Taipei, Taiwan. The owner who works in the fashion industry wanted to have a home with unique and personal features. After discussing these needs, the designers reduced partition walls to a minimum level to break the independent spatial pattern […]

Soothing Ambience Inspired by Small One-Room Apartment in Gothenburg

It is impressive how Swedish designers manage to bring personality into various spaces, without using expensive materials or furniture items in line with the newest trends. Apparently, all it takes is creativity and these Scandinavian apartments make use of it in large amounts. This particular crib we would like to present today has a total […]

Compact and Stylish Apartment in Moscow with Panoramic Views by SL*Project

Alex Nikolashin, the architect from SL*project designed the interior of this compact apartment located at the 23rd floor of an elegant residential building in Moscow’s city centre. The loft offers some of the most amazing panoramic views, allowing you to see the city’s skyline in all its grandeur. Due to the limited amount of  space, the […]

Changing the Mood of a Studio Apartment Through RGB Lighting: Russian Loft by G-DESIGN

Creative Group G-DESIGN recently completed a modern studio apartment located in St. Petersburg, Russia. The main objective of the project developers was to create a spacious, bright and sleek interior in an area of ​​120 square meters. without the place feeling overloaded with decorating elements. At the request of the customer, a series of unconventional […]

Intriguing Design Project Emphasizing on The Complexity of Lighting by Pavel Yanev

The “Atmosphere” project by ALL in | Studio – a small and flexible studio for architecture, interior and product design in Bulgaria- revolves around the concept of LIGHT. According to the project developer, “light influences our well-being, the aesthetic effect and the mood of a room or area. Light can alter the appearance of a […]

Unusual Layout Defining a 58 Sqm Open Studio Apartment in Ukraine

Dan Vakhramieiev, creative director at FILD, designed and developed an inviting studio apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. The project is a conversion of a two-room loft from a pre-revolutionary building erected in 191, with original old moldings in the entryway. Having a total surface of 58,5 square meters, the crib features an open plan kitchen and bedroom, […]

Elegant Living Environment Blending Two Different Styles by Sergey Makhno

The talented architect and designer, Sergey Makhno, completed the interior of this sumptuous Podil Loft Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. Welcome to the place where harmony reigns! By blending two different styles, modern and old, he obtained an interesting effect, creating a very stylish living environment, tastefully decorated. The brick walls, the old wooden framed chairs and the modern sliding doors […]

Swedish Apartment With a Charming Rustic Appeal in Gothenburg

This beautiful apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden, with an area of about 82 square meters, occupies the last floor of a traditional building. Its interiors are truly inspiring, with wood playing a major part in the overall design. The layout of the apartment (discovered on Alvhem) is relatively simple, with the social area on a side, […]

Function and Elegance Defining 52 Sqm Moscow Flat by TS Design

Designers Taras Bezrukov and Stas Samkovich (representing studio TS Design) completed the interiors of a modern apartment in Moscow. The one-bedroom 52 square meter crib was converted into a cozy residence that now accommodates a kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and separate dressing room. The result is an open space in which you can move […]

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