Floisand Studio completed Teh House, a private residence in Seattle, Washington, USA. As you can see in the photos below, the exterior of the building displays a simple geometry, with two rectangular volumes placed one on top of the other in a black&white color interaction. The lower level protrudes inside the street-facing courtyard, hinting the existence of a garage. The opposite side of the house opens up towards a lush garden with water features. Generously-sized windows and wooden balconies provided an optimum connection with the outdoors.

The simple geometry is brought inside of the home, where clear lines shape up the interior scheme. However, color is an important factor of the design, creating a positive vibe throughout and setting this dwelling apart from other contemporary houses usually displaying a sober modern look. The living area, kitchen and dining are all placed in an open layout; this particular interior probably overwhelms visitors with its tall ceilings, beautiful views and variety of textures displayed. We particularly like the bookcase merged with the fireplace wall, a major focal point of the social area. Feel free to explore the rest of the interiors and tell us what you think! [Photography by Michael Dickter]