Innovation and Affordability in Smart Security System: Korner

Innovation and Affordability in Smart Security System: Korner

Do you use an affordable home security system? A secure home is not only comfortable when you are there, but it also gives you a sense of comfort when you’re away. As creative minds come up with ideas and refine them until they fit our fast-paced world, we get to chip in their work if we consider it worthy. Korner – the first 1-piece door/window sensor that sets up in under 2 minutes is not only responding to security needs in any type of homes, but also simplifies the installing process and hands you the control. This is how it works: the two elements – the router Fob provides an easy connection (just plug it in the router) and contoured door/window Tags (patent-pending innovation system) that you stick on corners.

Looking to crowdfund this affordable home security system, Korner also promises their technology “discerns actual entry from heavy vibrations, thus reducing false alarms”. So when someone tries to break in, you hear a piercing screech in you’re say, sleeping in your bed and immediately receive an alert on your smartphone app (iOS and Android App.), allowing you to either call the police or forward the alert to your “circle” of friends, family and neighbors. Check out other cool features on their crowdfunding page.

Even more, the creators of this affordable home security system partnered with Domestic Abuse Women’s Network to provide¬†survivors of domestic violence¬†with a free home security system donated by you, if you so choose. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave your rented apartment and know you will find it just the way it is? Then how about knowing you offered the same feeling of security to someone who was most likely terrified in their own home?


  • Monnaie May 23, 2014 at 04:41 AMLogin to Reply →

    Great idea, Thanks for posting!

  • Marcus Fillion February 2, 2015 at 20:43 PMLogin to Reply →

    This looks quite clever, and it’s not intrusive at all. I couldn’t even tell there was anything installed from the first picture. That’s a big part of what I want in a security system– that it’s not noticeable in my house.