Refurbished house in Namibia

Combining simple clarity with the passion for design excellence, Wasserfall Munting Architects reinterpreted a house built in the 1950’s in Klein Windhoek, Namibia, in order to reconnect it with the surrounding site. Placed within a tranquil oasis of indigenous acacia trees, the house is a flexible space for living and relaxing while enjoying the benefits of the outdoors. Exterior looks a little rusty and bulky, kept this way for low maintenance purposes. In contrast, the interior feels very warm and cozy, due to the “excessive” use of plywood linings and built-in cupboards.

Nature blends with the house

“The intervention brings a sense of programmatic clarity and simplicity to a compromised layout, and attempts to create simple, robust spaces to live in. The double-volume living area with its butterfly roof and clerestory windows to the south is the heart of the house: oversized glazed sliding doors afford a seamless connection to a large terraced patio overlooking the garden and affording panoramic views of the distant mountains.”  Mica stone walls were added to link the nature’s fantastic work to the man-made construction. Residents are encouraged to fully enjoy the simplicity of a soothing space and connect on a visual level with the landscape.

Wonderful view house in Namibia
landscaped garden and openness
Metalic exterior
Exterior structure details
back of the house and tree
Open space living
Wood and red details kitchen
old vs modern
Lovely ambience
Living and kitchen
Details gardne
east elevation
south elevation
north elevation
west elevation
section 2
lower ground floor plan
ground floor plan detail
site plan
sketch of the house
details sketch