Nature Playing a Key Role in Design: Casa Veintiuno in Mexico

Nature Playing a Key Role in Design: Casa Veintiuno in Mexico

Guadalajara-based studio, Hernandez Silva Architects designed Casa Veintiuno, a 531 sq. meters residence, within the metropolitan area of the city. The venue feels open and transparent, with a large void at the centre to remind of an old Spanish-like patio. It almost feels like you’re exploring the wonders of a garden rather than walking throughout a house. The central opening, which represents the core of this project, connects all three levels. A glass roof completes the architectural expression, allowing natural light to fall through the living zones and eventually create a bright home environment.

Designed as an open space, the terrace integrates wonderfully with the living. Vegetation plays a key role in design. A green wall runs along one of the internal walls whilst a tree was planted right in the middle of this open anteroom. Nature seems to have invaded this space, showing its supremacy over the artificial, man-made created space. “The house is made with few materials, concrete walls in some volumes, plastered walls, Piacentina stone and Cumarú wood in some coverings. The carpentry was made in parota with horizontal wood grains to produce a dramatic use of this extraordinary wood. The house wouldn’t have much furniture; therefore some elements were incorporated to the architecture, one of them being the sideboard, a high gloss white wooden body, whose modulation is related to the stone covering.”

  • Side wall Casa Vientiuno
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