Vila Kavel

Nested on an island near Amsterdam, the Netherlands, this gorgeously modern Kavel Villa was intentionally built of a diamond shaped plot of land to take advantage of the surroundings. The island is relatively new and it will accommodate several other residential projects in the future. It’s an oasis of tranquility just minutes away from the city centre. Kavel occupies the most exceptional spot, overlooking the lake and the city’s skyline. Constructed by Studioninedots, the villa boasts an abstract geometric shape, mainly following the form of the site. The building itself surprises the viewer with its versatile appearance. It’s all a matter of perception and… angles. Sometimes it looks sleek and edgy, sometimes massive and robust.

House with view

“By introducing a spectacular concrete structure we made it possible to create a ground floor plan with maximum transparency, without any columns. This transparency increases the interaction with nature and the relationship between inside and outside. On the south side the glass facade is bended inward, creating an intimate and covered terrace. The contrast between the concrete facades and the folding glass reflect the changes of the nature around.” Interior of the house opens entirely to the landscape. The house is well-lit and properly ventilated. Rooms come with astounding views, therefore each sunset is a wonderful and crisp experience. Glossy and contemporary decorated, the interior of Kavel Villa enhances the feeling of comfort and elegance. Metallic shutters with abstract shapes adorn the first floor’s windows. They can be fully opened, allowing light inside or add a sense of privacy, when needed. [Photo credit: Peter Cuypers]

Details exterior villa Kavel
Terrace and lake view
Neat interior
Transparency villa Kavel
Gorgeous interior
Black and white interior
Living room clean interior
Playful light
Corner in the house
Bathroom elegance and view of the city
Corner of the house
Evening view
Light and evening feeling
Geometric shape
Diamond shaped plot
Experiencing the surroundings
House pland and maximizing the views
House plan details
Details plan
Abstract volume
basement plan