Secluded VR House Conversing with the Outdoors in Mexico

Secluded VR House Conversing with the Outdoors in Mexico

Each and every one of us needs time to disconnect from routine and try every now and then to embark on a trip away from the ordinary. Naturally, spending some time in the remote isolation of nature brings inner peace, fully relaxing the body and mind. The new secluded VR House designed by Elias Rizo Arquitectos in Tapalpa, Mexico is a wonderful place… to hide. The dwelling built from stone of local extraction converses with the outdoors and uses only local materials, to enhance the rustic feel.

“The program is arranged on four quadrants, which are defined by the intersection of two main circulation axes. Within this system, spaces are distributed according to privacy requirements and affinity.” The residence featuring two levels is bisected transversely in two different zones: private and public. Within the private area there are 3 bedrooms, a family room and several service areas. This side (south) showcases few openings. The public zone, however, embraces light (walls being replaced with glass panels) allowing easy access to the deck. The top floor houses among the master suite a private roof terrace with spectacular views of the green surrounding site. [Photo credits: Marcos García]

  • Plan VR Tapalpa house
  • Floor plan VR Tapalpa house
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  • Deck of the VR Tapalpa house
  • Spectacular living room
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