Stone house DG

DG House is a residential project completed by Iñigo Esparza Arquitecto in Navarre, Spain. House looks traditional, boasting two volumes made of sandstone. Surrounded by a fence on which plants can climb, the house features a private terrace and a porch for lounging and relaxing. In the hot summer days, a cold drink and a book is all you need to keep your soul happy. Ground floor of the house, accommodating the kitchen, living room and dining room, was envisioned as a unified social area, encouraging interaction and activities of all kinds. It’s airy, well-lit and most important, connected to the porch and the adjacent public garden. 

House with garden

“Towards the main facade, a stripe containing the service area, laundry and garage ensures the privacy of the house. The volume of the first floor holds the night-area, with three bedrooms facing the garden (south-west) leaving the dressing-room and bathrooms towards the main facade. Finally the basement contains a multi-purpose space and the facilities room.” The back of the house offers a little bit more privacy to the residents. A swimming pool landscaped with local plants was also part of the plan.

Terrace view stone house

Stone house
House and window
Garden view House DG
Two-storey house
House and fence
House and pool
Swimming pool view
Details terrace
Upper floor view
Stone structure
Swimming pool view
Details terrace
Upper floor view
Stone structure
DG Street View
House in Spain
Detail window
Angular structure
Evening view DG
Greenery and house
Night overview house
First floor plan DG
Ground floor DG
East elevation
North elevation
South elevation
House section