A Temple of Relaxation and Light in the Woods: Black White Residence

A Temple of Relaxation and Light in the Woods: Black White Residence

Black White Residence is an award-winning renovation project completed by the very well known Virginia-based architect, David Jameson in Bethesda, US. Exploring the idea of space and outlining the connection with nature, the new house presents itself as a temple of relaxation and light. Definitely not just a simple shack “lost” in the middle of the woods, but a contemporary piece of architecture, it exploits all possibilities in terms of dialoguing with the surrounding site. The house’s monochromatic character contrasts with the maze of greenery encompassing it. It has white walls, black beams and large glass panels for better views.

“Four modern glass temples emerge from a white stucco plinth as volumes of light, and define space between each other. These volumes of light are stitched together by a circulation core sheathed in black that extends to cradle each space. The volumes are instruments of light, gathering natural light to the interior during the day and glowing in the landscape at night.” The glass blocks simply “absorb” the light transforming a previously dull dwelling into a bright, dynamic living environment. The best part? You’re surrounded by woods, which can be a wonderful experience in a world that forget to simply stop and stare at the wonders of nature.

  • Site plan
  • Second floor plan
  • First floor plan
  • Nature surrounding the house
  • In the middle of nature
  • Transparence reflecting the outdoors
  • Volume entirely made of glass
  • Transparency
  • Construction with straight lines
  • Corner of pristine nature
  • Volumes
  • Airy environment
  • Simple elegant decor
  • Minimalist interior
  • Connecting with the landscape
  • Breezy interior
  • Black White Residence
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