Horizontal lines Panorama sofa

The living room, one of the most habitable spots in your home can be refreshed at the blink of an eye. All you need is a sofa and… and some great ideas to put together a nice décor. A sofa is a great investment. You can’t just buy any furniture piece. It has to be comfortable, practical and it has to compliment the space. When the sofa itself showcases a cool concept, half of the work is already done! Take a piece of furniture: minimalist, elegant, distinct. Like Panorama Sofa, designed by Joao Kaarah, for instance.

Panorama Sofa

Now, get rid of the old one. Place the new one wherever you feel like and unleash your imagination. With a little bit of creative flair, you’ll transform your previously dull social area into a living space that will simply glow. Surprising the silhouette of a romantic sunset, this special sofa brings horizontal lines and modular furniture to the limelight. It expounds multiple possibilities of configurations, upholstered in a degradé polyester fabric, which was developed by NUUN through a digital print process.”  With gradient hues to inspire serenity and enhancing a calming effect, this is definitely one of those furniture items well worth considering!

Romantic ambience horizontal lines sofa
Side view sofa