Terrace and open space living room

A residential project designed by Minarc has recently caught our attention. Appleton is an elegant eco-friendly home with an uncluttered interior, nested in Venice, California. The orientation of the house was thought out to maximise passive solar design and natural ventilation. Every room is connected to the courtyard, allowing inhabitants to literally breathe and move freely from inside to outside and back. The use of natural materials softens the contemporary lines of the overall design. From wood panels mounted on the walls and ceilings to earthy shades of colours – everything exhales freshness and vitality!

Transparency bedroom Appleton

Appleton is a dynamic living environment. It’s functional and fully connected with the outdoors. “Floor and ceiling materials connected in an unobtrusive and whimsical manner to increase floor plan flow and space. Magnetic chalkboard sliders in the play area and paperboard sliders in the kids’ rooms transform the house itself into a medium for children’s artistic expression. Material contrasts (stone, steel, wood etc.) makes this modern home warm and family friendly.” I just love the organic feel and the smoothness of this vivid house!

Appleton residence
Entrance Appleton
Living room transparency
Wooden floor
Wooden wall behind the couch
Stairs and rocks underneath
Bathroom showe
Natural decor
First level
Second level