Rural Weekend Retreat with Gable Structures: Depot House

Rural Weekend Retreat with Gable Structures: Depot House

Gray Organschi Architecture designed Depot House, a rural weekend retreat, comprising two simple gable structures. The barn-like volumes are oriented perpendicularly to each other. A certain rustic feel enhanced also by the richness of the landscape envelops the dwelling. The base of it is a reinforced 19th century train depot. The story is quite impressive: the Shepaug Valley Railroad once chugged through the property on its way to New York, being eventually abandoned in 1948. Such a story couldn’t remain “unexplored”.

Inside, floor-to-ceiling windows offer unobstructed views of the quiet landscape and the Bantam River. Specially designed for weekends, Depot House is a peaceful oasis encouraging you to relax and detach from a regular, overstressed lifestyle. “The house interior is lined with bleached pine; kitchen, dining, living and family rooms overlap each other and create a rich series of spatial experiences that accommodate relaxed weekend living.”  The cozy retreat, built from natural materials, such as stone and wood, is very connected to the outdoors. Bedrooms, located at the ground floor, communicate with the maze of the greenery surrounding the house, creating a comfortable sensation of space.


  • House plan
  • Stairs
  • Wooden stairs and corridor
  • Seeing the skies
  • Blue details bathroom
  • Airy environment
  • Bedroom corner Depot House
  • Bathroom tranquil design
  • White corner of a bedroom
  • Bedroom and books to read
  • Gable structure inside
  • Lighting
  • Top floor Depot House
  • wood stairs
  • Wood details
  • Corner living room and nature
  • White kitchen
  • Kitchen decor
  • Living room corner
  • Table and decor
  • Cool decor living room
  • Fireplace
  • Living room with fireplace
  • House corner and green surroundings
  • Swimming pool and lounge
  • Glass and wood
  • Stone structure
  • Cantilevered structure
  • Glass wood and stone
  • Nature and terrace
  • Wood and stone structure
  • bedroom and outdoors
  • Stairs and structure
  • View meadow surrounding Depot House
  • Rustic feel
  • Depot House Winter