Kitchen Chic Apartment

The Russian artist designer, Natalia Akimov completed the interior of this compact chic apartment. It emphasises a bold contrast between dark tones of colour and light. Unpretentious and simplistic, the living environment doesn’t require too much special attention. Despite being a modest place, it is neatly decorated. The designer explains that each accessory, pattern or decoration aims to add a sense of character to the home. As she further expounds, the apartment wasn’t designed to impress. It fits people with simple tastes in interiors.

Kitchen view Chic Apartment

Comprising a cool modern kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway and bathroom are all decorated in black and white. The apartment offers enough space for a man/woman who enjoys living on his/her own. Flowery patterned walls break the duo chromatic colour scheme. Simple shabby wooden floors, personal items and soft fabrics contribute to creating a friendly home ambience. Simplicity and harmony go hand in hand, very much reminding us of the genuine Scandinavian design.

View corridor Chic Apartment

Neutral bedroom
Bedroom view
Detail bedroom
View bedroom white
Black and white bathroom
Perspective black ans white bathroom
Floor plan