Chic Apartment Emphasising Bursts of Lights and Darks by Natalia Akimov

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The Russian artist designer, Natalia Akimov completed the interior of this compact chic apartment. It emphasises a bold contrast between dark tones of colour and light. Unpretentious and simplistic, the living environment doesn’t require too much special attention. Despite being a modest place, it is neatly decorated. The designer explains that each accessory, pattern or decoration aims to add a sense of character to the home. As she further expounds, the apartment wasn’t designed to impress. It fits people with simple tastes in interiors.

Comprising a cool modern kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway and bathroom are all decorated in black and white. The apartment offers enough space for a man/woman who enjoys living on his/her own. Flowery patterned walls break the duo chromatic colour scheme. Simple shabby wooden floors, personal items and soft fabrics contribute to creating a friendly home ambience. Simplicity and harmony go hand in hand, very much reminding us of the genuine Scandinavian design.

  • Floor plan
  • Perspective black ans white bathroom
  • Black and white bathroom
  • Bathroom
  • View bedroom white
  • Detail bedroom
  • Bedroom view
  • Neutral bedroom
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen view
  • Kitchen
  • View corridor
  • Modest apartment

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