Dramatically Improving Your Space: Stikwood Wood Wall Decor

Dramatically Improving Your Space: Stikwood Wood Wall Decor

 Stikwood in three easy words, precisely what makes for a fun DIY project, with the ability to create the illusion of customised trim woodwork, for a fraction of the price and time. Plan. Peel. Stick.  The Sacramento, CA based company (having the same name as the product) rides the wave of new trends with a peel-and-stick product that shoves away with intricate and hard to use setups. Stikwood’s thin, solid-wood planks can be applied to clean, dry walls for backdrops that range from rustic to modern designs. In a nutshell, 1/8 inch thick wooden planks that can be affixed to a clean, sanded surface with adhesive strips that are factory-mounted on their flip sides. Bonus points come for the reclaiming and recycling of wood, VOC free – best choice for those with sensitivities to scents and US origin.

“We find weathered wood with character and age, and then we shave it into 1/8-inch-thick lengths and back it with adhesive strips” explains Stikwood creator, Jerry McCall, about these wall coverings.  Stikwood is real wood planking, able to give you a unique and authentic artisanal wood wall. While not intended for floors, it can be applied to virtually any flat surface including: walls, doors and furniture.

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