Exclusive Luxury Waterfront Estate with Magnificent Surroundings

Exclusive Luxury Waterfront Estate with Magnificent Surroundings

Discovered on Southeby’s Realty, this property, considered Victoria’s crown jewel, the waterfront estates reanimates Victorian design, placing it in a contemporary context. Set in a remote, drawn cove, with an excess of 700 feet of beachfront, 3 islets and a dock extended into the ocean, it provides endless possibilities of enjoyment. Lush gardens with a vast array of colours and perfumes depict a scenic retreat for this remarkable landmark. Entering through the grand gates, we’re set on a route to vision a fully revived mansion with classical aesthetics and quaint romantic blends. The striking beauty of the interior is rivalled only by the stunning landscape encircling the home. The main floor is elegantly laid out for a functional flow from room to room, each lit by unique aromas, bringing a distinct character and taste of the home as a single unit.

A celebration for the senses, with custom crown moulding, complex detailing on the ceiling, a cozy fireplace creates an idyllic images to the living room. The upper level houses the bedrooms, most with an ensuite, walk-in closet and private balcony. The master bedroom is fanciful and romantic with his and hers walk-in closets and suspended chandeliers. The property with magnificent surroundings is definitely an investment for the affluent. With a price tag of $11,235,955 CAD, it surely takes a determined family to enjoy the full options of the estate.

  • view of lake and mini fire place
  • view of house from docks
  • outer place - friends discussion area
  • view of dock - boat slip
  • driveway
  • patio - second part - 2 chair with red pillows and table
  • patio
  • hot tub and lake view
  • view from bathroom - mirrors and vintage victorian chair
  • view from bedroom
  • first floor view of 3 chandeliers.
  • staircase toward first floor
  • the office - room with tv and couch
  • dining room
  • view of kitchen
  • wine cellar
  • wine and candle preview from kitchen
  • second view of living room with chandelier in front
  • living room purple furnishing
  • initial hallway
  • side right side view and car
  • side front view outside house
  • front view outside house
  • way to boat area
  • second view of house from docks
  • boat slip area
  • rocky view of lake