Penthouse in London on Leman Street

We’ve spotted an interesting penthouse in London (we’re more than sure that you will totally love it), located in a historic Edwardian building, near London’s financial district, on the Leman Street. London is one of the most exciting European cities, always expanding, a cluster of new ideas and a land of opportunities. Its exquisite sophistication, the fog and architectural superlatives make it one of the most interesting destinations for tourists all over the world. However, when it comes to making it your permanent home, a simple issue such as looking for an apartment in a city so big can became a serious problem. Unless you know where to look for it… 

Living Room Penthouse in London

TG-Studio is the firm responsible with the renewal of it. Here’s what the designers have to say about this particularly interesting project: “As the penthouse is a new-build on top of a refurbished Edwardian building, the approach to the interior was of particular significance to me. I knew it had to be treated differently in order not to undermine the character of the older parts of the building.” Exuding colour and spontaneity, the living environment is perfect for a young person fond of good design. Warm and cozy, yet with a strong contemporary  and organic character, the Leman Street loft mirrors the London’s cosmopolitan flair. [Photo credit: Philip Vile]

Modern Living Room Penthouse in London

Kitchen details
Boat with UK flag
Sophisticated details
Upper floor
Small office area
Details spot
Breakfast in bed
Personal items
Details decorations bathroom
Tub with view