Living Room Click Clack Hotel

If you’re looking for a sophisticated place to stay while visiting the city of Bogota (in Colombia), Click Clack Hotel might be just the friendliest and coolest hotel you may “stumble upon”. With a fresh interior and a stylish and imposing façade, Click Clack adds a touch of class to your trip. The striking design is the work of plan:B Arquitectos in collaboration with Perceptual Studio. Together, they figured out to connect the interior with the outdoors and create an airy, modern, yet a cozy ambience in order to make the clients feel good and comfortable.

Industrial elements Click Clack Hotel

The lounge area boasts a giant coffee cup-shaped chandelier. A staircase connects the floors without obstructing the view. The designers blended several styles to obtain this complex and unitary look. The rooms mirror a cosmopolitan NY kind of feel, offering some of the most amazing panoramic views of the city. Glass panels replace some of the regular exterior walls. Each morning is a unique experience: sunsets and sunrises are simply surprising, a pure delight for the eyes, head and heart. In other words, an exclusive place for the modern traveller.

Modern coffee shop like atmosphere
White bedroom and view
office and bed
white bed
modern items displayed
Bedroom view
Paris apartment