Baula bathtub2. American walnut. Interior Project by Buildinvest

Wooden bathtubs are an excellent choice for a dream interior. Every bathtub in this collection by Unique Wood Design has its own unique character and makes for a perfect match for both modern minimalism and classic decors.  We were surprised to find out that Poland-based Unique Wood Design is a family company initiated in year 1979, known for building wooden boats and yachts back in the days. The wood working experience, modern coating technology and design creativity propelled the company into delivering top-quality designs for the home.

Baula bathtub. American walnut Interior Project by Buildinvest

Bathtub designs are meant to be simple, harmonious and coherent and the company’s main priority is to provide a high amount of comfort. Multilayer coating, adapted from boat-building, is fully waterproof while having an excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. Aside from reliability, it provides an aesthetic effect which satisfies even the most demanding clients. Enjoy the beautiful bathtub models below and let us know what you think! [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Unique Wood Design]

Madra bathtub. American walnut.
Baula bathtub. American walnut


Gaia bathtub. American walnut
Gaia bathtub. Oak
Gongo bathtub. American Walnut. Interior Project by Diener@Diener
Gongo bathtub2. American Walnut. Interior Project by Diener@Diener (2)


Munai bathtub. Ash