Di Gioia

Villa Di Gioia is a single-family house located in the idyllic region of Apulia, outside the urban area of Bari and close to the Adriatic Sea (Southern Italy). The construction, completed by Pedone Working in 2011 was designed as an inspiring open space, in harmony with the surrounding site. Reflecting a typical Mediterranean lifestyle:  soothing and relaxed, Villa di Gioia integrates several sleek volumes and cut-outs, being the perfect modern home with minimalist influences. Transparency is one of the house’s assets, for it is a place that invites the sunlight inside the house, bathing the entire living environment in light.

Terrace and courtyard

Striking white concrete walls and panels of glass (insulated windows with triple glazing for low emissions) replacing the classic windows define the house’s exterior. One word to summarise it all: simplicity. A central patio connects the exterior with the interior living environment. Very clean in terms of design (with simple finishings and modern minimalist furniture), the interior opening up to the courtyard. The ground floor accommodates the kitchen, the living room (which happens to be the core of the house) and a couple of other rooms that come in different sizes. An open staircase leads your steps to the bedrooms and the sleeping area. Built with sustainability in mind, Villa Di Gioia is a perfect example of low-energy house, that both looks and feels great.

Relaxation spot

Terrace and white
Living Room
Table and white
Cool red details
Light between floors
Evening View
Evening view transparency
Lovely Details
Ground Floor
First Floor Plan