Coral Gables House

Coral Gables House is an exciting residential project completed by Touzet Studio, an award-winning architecture and design firm based in Miami, CA. This seaside residence is one of those incredibly cool dwellings that exhale sophistication and comfort. The owner, a committed modernist, wanted a home filled with life and brightness, bringing together and reconciling two different styles: modern and historical. “The City-side façade presents itself as two restrained stone-clad volumes – a mask clad in material very much identified with the architecture of Coral Gables.

Coral Gables House Side

The true nature of this house is expressed on the water side of the building – in the private realm where fantasies for a soaring roof and materials belonging to the present could be expressed.” The distinguished interior is comfortable and relaxing (just the way a home should be), with the social areas oriented towards the bay. Large floor-to-ceiling windows allow the light to pervade into the house with ease”. A small terrace, located between the house’s two massive volumes and a soothing swimming pool complete the décor.

Interior With a View
Terrace and Sea
Sea view
Lush Vegetation
Dream Home