House View Night

We received this wonderful set of photos from Andreescu & Gaivoronschi, an architecture studio based in Timisoara, Romania. One of the prestigious referent points in the Romanian contemporary architectural landscape, the studio completed a series of significant projects in the last decade and has been nominated for several prizes. The studio’s latest (residential) project, known as “The House with Coloured Lights” is a bright and vivid home, very modern and last, but not least, fun. The exterior is neat and clear, incorporating cubics-shaped windows of various sizes. The smaller ones are particularly interesting due to the coloured glass used. An interesting phenomenon, worth seeing during nighttime.

View by Night

“The entire space was designed as a musical instrument, where the double-height living room is a lively place, animated by the cone-like openings oriented towards the South. The space contains an architectural promenade, generated by a system of staggered levels, with oblique viewing points.” The interior is breezy and tastefully decorated. White is the dominant colour, enhancing the feeling of space and openness. To create harmony and balance, the architects chose to break the white’s supremacy through “excessive” use of wood. All the rooms located on the ground floor are connected to the outdoor allowing the sun to sneak inside and creating a warm and bright living environment. [Photo credit: Ovidiu Micsa]

Colorful Windows
House View
On the Terrace

Colorful Windows

White Cubic Structure and Window
View with Terrace
White Building
Windows View
Rectangular Windows
Side View
Lovely Interior
Simple Interior
Neat Interior
Stairs and White Interior
Seen from Above
White Furniture
White and Colorful Light
Bathroom Details
Site Plan
017 planuri anuala _ 0. Story
017 planuri anuala _ 1. Story
017 planuri anuala _ 1. Story
S.01L  _ Autorebuild Model
S.04TR  _ Autorebuild Model
fatada sud  _ Autorebuild Model