Elegant Living Environment Blending Two Different Styles by Sergey Makhno

Elegant Living Environment Blending Two Different Styles by Sergey Makhno

The talented architect and designer, Sergey Makhno, completed the interior of this sumptuous Podil Loft Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. Welcome to the place where harmony reigns! By blending two different styles, modern and old, he obtained an interesting effect, creating a very stylish living environment, tastefully decorated. The brick walls, the old wooden framed chairs and the modern sliding doors emphasise the edgy contrast between modern and antique. Despite the contrast, the place looks refined and perfectly balanced. The dominant colour is brown (coming in different hues and nuances). Along with the antique wooden furniture and the sumptuous long curtains, the brick wall and the luscious floor define the interior.

The kitchen, the living room and the dining room area are envisioned as one, a continuous and fluid space. To make the outmost of the available space, some of the actual doors were replaced by sliding doors.  I honestly like the eclectic blend of wood, concrete and bricks and I find it very inspiring and very youthful. Youthful but in the same time, along with the right decorations, classy. [Photo credit: Andrey Avdeenko]

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