Vegan Restauran in Madrid Features an Exciting Ephemeral Installation

Vegan Restauran in Madrid Features an Exciting Ephemeral Installation

Wandering on the streets of Madrid, this splendid city of culture and siestas, is an exciting thing to do. A city filled with life and colour makes you curious and ready to start a journey of discovery. The best thing about visiting such a dynamic city is that it offers you the possibility to bump into impressive buildings, unique coffee shops and exciting places. As we surfed the internet searching for cool spots in Madrid, we landed on polkadot, where we did find something that caught our attention. We found an interesting vegan restaurant, Rayén Vegano, boasting a creative and ephemeral installation which happens to mark the restaurant’s entrance.

The installation is a project brought to your attention by (fos) a multidisciplinary team of artists. “Fos” stands for “light” in Greek and “melted” in Catalan. It’s also the name of this remarkable installation built using simple items such as: yellow tape, painted décor elements, pineapples and a lamp. All these brought together, create the illusion of light, “a visual game between perspective and colored volumes that gained the looks.” Impressive, isn’t it?


  • Laurel@MonkeysandMountains October 12, 2013 at 14:23 PMLogin to Reply →

    Love, love the entrance! That only would make me want to eat there. I’ve been to Barcelona 5x, but never to Madrid.

  • rika@veganmiam October 14, 2013 at 10:20 AMLogin to Reply →

    Wow, that looks absolutely phenomenal!