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When different tones of wood are being used to define the profile of a house, the result is spectacular: a cozy and warm environment, dynamic and elegant, the-always-ready-to-welcome-guests kind of living space opens up in front of you. Architect Show Co. recently completed the M4 House, a project that makes use of wood, in order to create the perfect dream home and the most comfortable living space for a family in Japan. Characterized by the massive use of wood, M4 House is definitely impressive. The interior spaces are linked between them through different nuances of wood. The compact structure exposes different layers and volumes. The wood-clad exterior, carefully bounded and adorned with black metallic-like edges looks very modern and inviting.

M4 House

M4 House is located in a tranquil neighborhood of Hasami, Nagasaki, Japan and it represents the perfect living environment for a family that has a true passion for wood. The kitchen and the living room are connected, to create a more fluid and breezy place. They are both connected to the courtyard. The upper floor accommodates the intimate side of the house, the bathrooms and the bedrooms. 

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