Asian Influences in Austin, Texas: The Lovely Tarrytown Residence

Asian Influences in Austin, Texas: The Lovely Tarrytown Residence

The clients’ passion for Balinese design and Zen philosophy led to the development of this impressive residence located in the neighborhood of Tarrytown, west of downtown Austin, Texas. The house was envisioned by Webber + Studio Architects with the purpose of providing a holiday-like feel. Wooden facades, a generously-sized swimming pool, plenty of outdoor lounge space and lush vegetation build a fairytale image of modern living.

Slats covering sections of the deck and rails allow a soft breeze inside. The interiors of this Texas home had to be designed for a family with two children, so achieving an optimum relationship between dynamics and comfort was a challenge. All in all, the place resembles a picturesque mountain chalet. Floor to ceiling windows framed in wood, a contemporary fireplace in the middle of the living area and warm hues throughout create a relaxed atmosphere. [Photography credits: Webber + Studio Architects]



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    This house is amazing. Truly an inspiration.