Striking Lamp&Chair Combo Envisioned by Glen Lewis-Steele

Striking Lamp&Chair Combo Envisioned by Glen Lewis-Steele

The ‘Lambent Chair’ [Lambent= Glowing, gleaming, or flickering with a soft radiance] by Glen Lewis-Steele is designed to fulfill two main functions. By itself it is a lamp; an embedded, glowing switch on its neck activates the crescent shaped, LED lamp. Its primary function is of course to be a chair. Although visually suggesting otherwise, the chair is very sturdy with the dangling rear rope disguising a bent, metal bar, which takes the place of the missing hind legs. Its final function is that of a reading lamp.

When sat on, the user’s weight compresses an inbuilt spring loaded mechanism. Activating an internal system of tension wires which tighten and loosen like tendons in a finger, causing the lamp to curl its light down towards the user and then straighten back up when they stand. This weight induced bending motion took inspiration from a childhood collapsible giraffe toy, while the chair’s materials consist of my home countries New Zealand beech wood and Techflex, silica sleeving. [Photos and information provided via e-mail byGlen Lewis-Steele]


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