Water View

The Screen House is a dazzling residential project designed by K2LD Architects in Singapore. Inspiring and surrounded by lush vegetation, this modern house with a curvilinear pavilion elevated above a communal garden blends with the natural landscape. An irregular-shaped swimming pool surrounds it, creating a truly relaxing living environment, suitable for anyone who enjoys a home that enhances the permanent vacation kind of feel. According to architect, “this is the first time that the practice had designed something non-rectilinear, but the curvilinear shape did not arise out of architectural whimsy, as architect started with an L-shaped block but decided to soften the geometry.” 


The view is simply overwhelming. The particularly beautiful zen garden surrounding it is one of the greatest assets of the house: green turf, mature trees, pebbles, stones, different layers of vegetation complement the complex design. The timber screens add a touch of natural warmth while the glass encompassing the suspended curvilinear pavilion makes it look modern and luminous. The Screen House is undoubtedly one of the architect’s most pretentious projects. It makes use of the natural beauty of the materials, emphasizing the constant need of man to connect with the outdoors.

Garden View
Garden Lovely View
Garden Infinity Pool
Lovely Garden
Screen House
Screen House and Green
Front View
Wooden Floor
Glass and Wood
Water and Evening Mood
Lovely View Screen House
Night View
Details Deck
Details Garden
Dark View