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Nestled between the magnificent Pitons of St Lucia, within a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site you will find a unique living experience at Sugar Beach Residences. The collection of three to six bedroom homes all boast infinity pools, landscaped gardens and unbroken vistas across the rainforest, Pitons and warm waters of the Caribbean. Architect Lane Pettigrew has led the design of the property collection combining a West Indian aesthetic with a classic French colonial style to reveal the utmost comfort and quality.

An entrance to a Residence

Each property is bespoke, allowing owners to customize their build with a choice of furniture packages and layout changes ensuring every owner can make their house a home. Construction at Sugar Beach Residences has been undertaken using local Caribbean tradesmen ensuring the project makes use of local building traditions. This includes the hand chipping of indigenous stone for building foundations and cladding. Additionally all the timber used for frame construction and roof tiles is acquired from certified reforestation programs. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Sugar Beach Residences]

Exterior Dining
Exterior Residence View
Night time dinning
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Raised Entrance to a Residence


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