Daring Geometry: Black And White House in Kent Sliced Up Into Irregular Shapes

Daring Geometry: Black And White House in Kent Sliced Up Into Irregular Shapes

Spotted on Dezeen, Trish House is a residential project designed by the British architect, Matthew Heywood, in Kent, England. The project features an intriguing façade, adorned with sliced up irregular black and white shapes. When asked about the geometric playfulness, the architect replied: “Large expanses of glass fill the gaps between the structure and allow you to appreciate the landscape and setting as if you were peering out from between the trunks and branches of the trees.” The irregularities (the crispy geometric shapes) establish a dialogue between the organic woodland and the modern rectangular-shaped house. Now, despite its modern-edgy kind of look, there is one element that defines Trish House as a traditional Kentish house: the black and white weatherboarding, embellishing the exterior. 

The interior is characterised by simplicity and elegance. There’s a limited palette of colours used in defining the décor (white, black and grey). A wonderful suspended fireplace occupies the core of the living room. Quite stylish and inspiring, the interior gives you the feeling of neatness and immaculacy.  The good news is that the six bedroomed house is for sale! You can find more information about the price, right here. Good luck!

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  • David Traversa October 23, 2013 at 16:07 PMLogin to Reply →

    The interiors are splendid, not so the outside (to me at least) I find it extremely gimmicky, just for the sake of being different, and in architecture that’s a lie.
    After a few months of living with so many diagonals intersecting each other, the actual owner will sell this house.