Cozy Living Room

The enchanting Gothenburg, with its cosmopolite streets, with the boutiques, the restaurants, the old side of the city, still fascinates design addicts. There’s something about the Scandinavian ambience that can’t be really put into words, but it can be felt, as soon as you explore and experience it. There are many charming Swedish apartments, awaiting to find an owner, but today we are going to stop by the Masthuggsliden 22 Apartment, in Masthugget (one of the Gothenburg’s earliest quarters, that grew during the 17th century). More details about the price and the location, on Alvhem Makleri & Interior.

Living Room And View

The apartment was recently renovated. It features a new bathroom, stylish oak parquet floors, freshly painted white walls and a large living area that accommodates both, the kitchen and the living room. The renovation implied adapting the old and dusty elements of décor to the modern design requirements.The apartment displays a cozy interior, characterised by simplicity. You can get wonderful views over the old parts of Masthugget and admie the sobriety of the Oscar Fredrik Church, from the intimacy of the apartment. What is really nice about these lovely apartments is that they feature wonderful small terraces, where you can enjoy the morning sun and coffee while exploring the wonders of the urban landscape.

Breezy Environment
Living Room Corner
Simple Details
White Dining Area
White Interior
Wood And White
Kitchen View
Fresh Ingredients
Kitchen Details
Shabby Chic Terrace
View Throughout The House
Teen Room Doots
Dots And Colours
Shabby Furniture
Chair For Reading
Human Touch
Art And Bedroom
White Bathroom Details
Neutral Bathroom
Apartment Plan