Lovely Apartment in Bucharest

Studio 1408 has renewed the interior of the Z Apartment , located in Bucharest, Romania. Spreading over 160 square meters, it was completely adapted to the customer’s needs: the client wanted an apartment defined by an elegant and serious style adorned with décor elements that made it feel more cozy and precious. Inspiring sobriety and sophistication, the two-story penthouse boasts a gorgeous design characterised by pale shades of colour and dark accents. The sharp contrast and the glossy surfaces exhale elegance and comfort, displaying gorgeous geometric décor elements – all of them in sober tones of colours, from smooth beige to shiny dark.

Lovely Neutral Living Room

Neat and spacious, the apartment spreads over two floors. The upper floor accommodates a lounge area and a terrace that goes along the length of the apartment, favouring spectacular views over the busy city. “The living / dining room is the core of the apartment, setting the mood for a social hub to use with friends and family.  The lower floor of the apartment contains the private spaces for the family of three: two bedrooms, each with ensuite bathroom and storage space.”

Gorgeous Interior
Neutral Colours
Dinning Area and Living Room
Wood Love
Spots And Dots
Metallic Glossy Kitchen
Neutral Ambience
Lighting Kitchen
Kitchen Details
Gorgeous Bedroom
Office Decorations
Neutral Colours Bathroom
Details Bathroom